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PSA: New Kayle doesn’t use Rageblade and can’t attack during ult

LeagueofLegends6 - PSA: New Kayle doesn't use Rageblade and can't attack during ult

I had the feeling that new Kayle was pretty similar, with worse early and better late game, but there are actually more differences than what it seemed at first.


Rageblade isn't a recommended item in Kayle, which I found weird at first, but after seeing it, it actually doesn't give you multiple splashes, meaning that her new splash is not an auto attack, and it doesn't give multiple stacks for her passive either! So it's literally just AS+AP, and if you have it, nashor's.

late edit: Yes, guys, e passive still works with it, but it's much worse than current e, doesn't have any aoe and only a small portion of her damage instead of her main damage ability. Think of it like Fizz w, you don't built around that.


Another thing that surprised me as well is that you can't attack during your ult, you can only move. I thought I could just flash+ult into the enemy team and deal massive damage, which I somewhat can since the ult damage is pretty nice with good scaling, but you actually don't attack during that time, which is a net loss of damage output. It seems it's better to ult your initiator~~ and continue attacking from behind~~ (/u/KasumiGotoTriss pointed out that you can't attack either way), while current Kayle likes saving the ult for herself for maximum efficiency.


My initial impression is, at 1-5 levels she is one of the worst, if not the worst champion, after 6 she is kinda mediocre, but not that bad, the splash she gets at 6 also stacks conqueror. After 11 she is pretty strong, can duel equally fed enemies or crush if she is fed. The AS she gets at that point is also pretty high (50%). At 16 she is honestly broken, like it's is such a huge jump. She has that 50% bonus AS permanently, without stacking anything, she deals true damage, and another thing that isn't mentioned much is, normally while she is exalted she moves faster facing towards enemies, at 16 however, since you are permanently exalted, when you find enemies, they can't escape.

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She also has the highest base AS in the game, but low AS growth with levels, which further emphasizes her ability to scale. If there are some out there who doesn't know, the AS you buy increase your AS based on your base AS, which means both her passive and items with AS are more efficient on her. With just berserker's and nashor's, if your passive is active, you have around 2.0 AS, and you can simply buy AP items after that point.



I'm pretty excited for this champion to go live, but also a bit afraid since early game experience will be tough against lane bullies and she is pretty gankeable.


Edit 2: I will copy paste one of my comments where I talk about the differences in her play pattern compared to the live version

The reason I’m a bit against it is that we don’t buy rageblade on Teemo, Neeko, Orianna etc even though it works with them as well. Kayle is a different champion now, who can’t attack during ult but has massive aoe damage. Her e is a bit different than her passive wave, it’s like an aoe explosion. Her ult is comparable to Orianna ult. Her q collateral range behind the initial target is also not low. In fact maxing q first seems to work better.

My two mains are Kayle and Teemo, and rageblade also increases Teemo’s dps against stationary targets, but I don’t buy it, this is similar (I know Teemo also has shrooms)

This version of Kayle has a lot more aoe burst potential than the live one. Q+auto+gunblade+e active can easily one shot people. Ulting your initiator and sync your q damage with it can also erase enemy carries instantly. It resembles old Kayle but the play style has pretty different strengths and weaknesses. With both lich bane and gunblade, you are a squishy killer, while after 16 you erase tanks as well, no matter their items, all without rageblade.

Live Kayle’s damage increases immensely with rageblade, because e is her primary damage, she doesn’t even use her q after a certain point, this one is different. It’s also much harder for her to just stand there and auto attack without her old ult. You can kill an adc in a single second and they have no means to escape. Try to experiment with some builds and you will see that she is similar but has entirely different playing patterns compared to people’s (including me) initial impressions. She has nasty combos. If you press e, use your ult, spam q while in it and auto as soon as it finishes, you will deal over 2k aoe damage in half a second. oe damage in half a second.

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