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R5nekton & You: a Critical Analysis

LeagueofLegends9 - R5nekton & You: a Critical Analysis

Hi r/leagueoflegends. If you're familiar with a Nick "Low Standards" De Cesare you may have began to pick up on the latest meme circulating the League of Legends community: R5nekton. R5nekton refers most directly to "last pick Renekton, on red side" but more generally is, the late addition of Renekton to a team composition, specifically when it's used as a counter pick.

A few months ago (in May or April, I believe), back when LS was referred to as the "Happy Mask Salesman" following his campaign against Morellonomicon, I actually wrote a long form analysis on the global trends of Renekton; specifically, how different regions utilized him differently, and why China had a disproportionately high amount of success with the pick relative to other regions.

You can read the full report here, but I am going to summarize some more general reasons why picking Renekton late into the draft is a generally bad idea

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The original article was as a pitch to an LCS team, but ultimately plans fell through. I severely lacked experience at the time. I cut off the final section (where I directly addressed how Renekton could be implemented into said team's pool, and how to play around the pick) but if you genuinely want to see it, it's not difficult to find on the internet, it's just not relevant to the discussion at hand.

I'm not going to go too in-depth here, but the general reasons why Renekton is an often hated as a counter pick are as follows:

  1. Renekton does not significantly punish enemy laners when used as a counterpick. In many situations where Renekton is picked, it's usually due to the player not having a well diversified champion pool, as Renekton is very rarely the "best option" to punish an enemy blind top laner.
  2. Renekton falls off significantly after the early game and has a difficult time translating his individual lead into teamfights: this is mostly as a result of Renekton's lack of backline access. Once Renekton uses his E, it's extremely hard for him to continue to close the distance onto the enemy carries
  3. Renekton's generalist play style (versatility as a champion) is usually parallel to the way most teams draft: they draft wide to begin with, and then close in as the draft progresses into a general compositional identity (think the "colors" LS/Reapered have talked about in the past)
  4. A big advantage of Renekton is the champions who especially punish him (specifically, Quinn) are often times difficult to fit into a cohesive draft unless they have picks in advanced that "set-up" for the quinn before Renekton is picked

Some choice statistics I'd like to point out:

-One of the most common match-ups in LPL 2020 Spring was Renekton vs Aatrox. Irrespective of all other factors, the team that would BLIND their top laner would win 69% of the time (n=29)

-in the 105 games of Renekton top played throughout the split in LPL, Renekton was picked blind in a total of 85 games. Renekton's highest win rate was blinded on red side at 62% (n=34)

-Playing fast in an archetypal sense is not correlated to the success of Renekton as a pick. The team outside of LPL with the most success of Renekton is LEC's Origen, who held a 88% win rate on the champion (n=8). Aside from a single win, Origen was the only team in the LEC who ever won with Renekton

That's it for me. I'm more than excited to have this discussion. It's something I've been wanting to have for literal months, and I'm overjoyed that LS came to a remarkably similar conclusion to me independently.

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