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Radical Idea: Mandate should’ve been an AP mythic; Everfrost should’ve been an Enchanter mythic.

LeagueofLegends5 - Radical Idea: Mandate should've been an AP mythic; Everfrost should've been an Enchanter mythic.

So, this is a strange idea, but hear me out. There's a couple of weird things going on with Imperial Mandate and Everfrost. I bolded my main points because I like to ramble, but I appreciate those who are insane enough to read the entire thing :D.

Let's start with Everfrost. Everfrost has such a slow cast time and low range that it acts more like a Crowd Control extender or a melee disengage tool than what GLP was, which set up combos for champions such as Sylas and Veigar. As such, Everfrost acts more like a defensive supportive tool that rarely gets picked, if ever, by DPS AP champions because they opt for, well, damage. That's kind of their thing. Even with champs that revolve around hard CC like Anivia or Taliyah, they simply go for Luden's or Liandry's**. In most champions where Everfrost is even considered an option, it falls under a 5% pickrate**.

Now let's talk about Imperial Mandate. Imperial Mandate has been a curious design for Enchanters especially considering that one of the major concerns of s11 has been damage creep. Despite Enchanters being classified as shielders and buffers, it seems like a large oddity that they were given an entirely DPS-focused item that seems more suited towards poke supports rather than Enchanters. So much so that Imperial Mandate has seen play by characters such as Aurelion Sol and Ashe, and I'm sure champions like Aurelion Sol and other Battlemages and Control Mages would love to have that item more suited towards them.

Limiting the focus to Enchanters, those who pick Imperial Mandate rarely opt for anything else because it's just that effective, so much so that it has divided the Enchanter role in half: Healers (Yuumi, Sona, Soraka) and CC Enchanters (Janna, Nami, Karma). This distinction is important when you consider this: CC Enchanters who build Imperial Mandate primarily can also utilize Moonstone Renewer effectively; Healers who build Moonstone Renewer primarily cannot utilize Imperial Mandate effectively. This contention is normally lost when discussing the diversity of what Enchanters can and can build since one subsection of Enchanters clearly has more opportunities. That being said, the diversity of support mythics in general is disappointing, especially in regards to Engage supports, but that's a different topic for another time.


So how do we resolve all these issues? Well, what if…we swapped what the roles these mythics were intended for? Think about it. Swap the costs and recipes of the Mythic items and tweak the stats. Both mythic passives give 15 AP/legendary item anyways, and both mythics give AP, AH, and Health too; so their stats, recipe, and cost can be easily exchanged and adjusted . The only difference is Mana vs. Mana Regeneration which…is also very similar. In addition, make Mandate proc off of any attack, sort of like a Crowd Control Spellblade that can be a novel addition to skill expression in terms of ability combos.

If Imperial Mandate was designated towards being an AP mythic, champions like Aurelion Sol, Swain, and Anivia suddenly have a much better CC-synergy mythic that enhances their kit. Additionally, with the removal of Rod of Ages, this change provides stats that poke mages usually don't need like Health to fill in a gap that battlemages like Ryze lost. This could provide an opportunity for a decision between Liandry's Torment and Everfrost, providing different ways of defense and offense.

If Everfrost was designed towards being an Enchanter mythic, healers like Sona, Soraka, and Yuumi can have an actual decision between mythics, opting for either Healing and Ability Haste with Moonstone or Crowd Control and Ability Power with Everfrost. This can also be used to expand upon skill expression that Enchanters lost with the removal of Athene's. It can also allow for Enchanters to be more favoured in pro play with some pretty ingenious plays revolving around the CC Enchanters and Everfrost. Imagine a clutch Janna combo involving some combination of W, Q, R, and Everfrost. It's like Galeforce Samira…except actually good.

At the very least, it's a nice thought experiment and a clean resolution to problems revolving around the design of these very similar mythics. What do you guys think?

TL;DR The title or the bolds. (Sorry for the essay lol, the title is all you need; the rest is just filler if you have nothing to do in quarantine).

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