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Reapered detailed analysis on the current state of SKT (translated)

LeagueofLegends6 - Reapered detailed analysis on the current state of SKT (translated)

FULL Credit to 선주아들, the OP from DCinside. https://gall.dcinside.com/mgallery/board/view/?id=sktt&no=1063247&exception_mode=recommend&page=1

Reapered and Bitdori (LCK analyst) were on stream and both men talked extensively about SKT's performance in MSI.

  1. Thought SKT would perform better, but their tempo held them back. Very disappointed.
  2. He can tell SKT is trying very hard to adapt.
  3. Faker's Azir is simply amazing. Does not dominate in lane but gets a sufficient lead. His build however, is quite disappointing. Instead of going with Nashor's Tooth where you complete the item over an extended period of time, Luden's Echo would be more appropriate. Although the results have not been spectacular so far, Faker has a unique ability to capture kills.
  4. Ryze is definitely OP, and so is Azir. So good that taking ignite would be OK. As far as his criticism of SKT's performance, his comment about Faker's Azir build is probably the least scathing.
  5. They are never going back to Sona/Taric comp. He has no idea why they did but he is sure they will be better from this point on.
  6. Clid is fucking awesome.
  7. SKT will address a lot of their problems once they get in a series. Does that mean Khan will get a champ he can carry with? He has been good with them so far but that does not seem to be working. Need to think carefully based on his winrate.
  8. Teddy and Mata aren't so hot either right now.
  9. Which begs the question: how do we get someone to carry, and how do we distribute our resources in order to achieve this? SKT has been in countless series so they probably have a rough idea of the direction they want to go. If the theme of the games so far have been despair, games from now on will have a theme of hope. Their direction was leading them to losses.
  10. Regarding point #3, if you had success with going Nashor's Tooth on Azir in domestic league, but struggle on international stage, you need to change build. If you go up against the best at your best and barely lose, you don't necessarily need to change your preparation process. But SKT's losses has been so bad it is almost puzzling, and they will probably think the same way. If you lose a game in 16 minutes you have to disregard whatever you think you need to. But please think one more time about Faker's Azir . I'm so frustrated. You may get flamed by random armchair analysts, but try it.
  11. Bitdori: When it comes to builds, the reason I get frustrated with people who disagree with me on this topic is because they do not consider the opportunity cost involved. As a part of this discussion they brought up Sneaky's triple IE Jhin, which they both thought was garbage. In conclusion one needs to practice with the optimal builds.
  12. Luden and Nashors have different potential value. When you are trying to create more favorable situations, Luden higher damage output makes it more appropriate.
  13. He feels terrible for Khan. According to Bitdori, Khan and Mata tend to be quite sensitive to the ups and downs based on their condition and need to pay close attention. Khan needs to step up, and Reapered thinks he has not even fulfilled half of his expectations. Sylas…is a terrible pick according to both men. In their opinion SKT can skip the champ. If it bothers them that badly just ban him. Bitdori thinks they probably had good results with Sylas during scrims/practice.
  14. When Kkoma was the coach, he was quick to abandon a pick/ban strategy if they tried it once and failed. Reapered is not too sure how Zefa (current coach) handles this.
  15. 9.8 has too many champs to ban. They let IG's Xayah/Rakan take over the game. Rakan looks broken on a team that likes to constantly engage in dogfights. SKT, in their point of view as a top-tier LCK team, must have thought they can use champs like Alistar for this, because they just need to engage in a proper 5v5. Problem is, teams in MSI won't oblige and wait for a proper 5v5.
  16. To Teddy: Please don't ever play MF or Sona. Don't try the new meta please. Reapered has no idea why they played MF instead of Lucian. He thinks they were trying something new since MF has good poke and had success in NA with PTA + BOTR build. It's good to get kills regardless of who you face in lane using BOTR. HOWEVER, if you are going to end up 0/0/0 after the laning phase you shouldn't do it. He couldn't pinpoint exactly where it went wrong, but the result showed it was not a logically sound pick. There simply is no reason to do it. Why go with MF over picks like Pyke and Morganna that were already proven? No sense of direction here.
  17. SKT in MSI are accumulation of disappointments. During this episode of despair we discussed all the shortcomings but we will ignore these during the episode of hope. But when you look past the shortcomings and be more hopeful, can they beat IG or G2? Of course SKT can be better but that does not mean IG or G2 will stay in their place. If SKT can overcome their shortcomings and be their best, other teams will do so as well.
  18. As a coach, international play requires him to go over countless pick/ban, champion and meta scenarios thousand times a day, and sometimes you can get lost in this. This is what worries him the most, but regardless, SKT's biggest problem is adapting to the fast-pace meta. If SKT wants to play LCK-style, they need to establish complete control. Whether its roaming, recall timing or vision wards, they need to be meticulous in their play or follow the fast tempo.
  19. Problems they have encountered so far are not that of pick/ban or level of play, but is one of style. G2's top Pyke was used during practice against C9. There were 40 kills in first 15 minutes of that game. During practice Pyke would pick up random kills and start growing. If Faker chose a build with more damage output on Azir, he would have suffocated his opponent and made the game easier. Repeared was so frustrated because Faker's ridiculously good performance was drowned out by the loss. In the end, SKT lost because they were outmatched by G2 in terms of preparation.
  20. G2 and IG engage as soon as they think they can win. LCK wants to control the entire situation. LCK's analysts and fans marvel at the meticulous macro of LCK. SKT's style can definitely win. In the next year or so, the game will evolve towards SKT's play style combined with the fast tempo.

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