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Reasons to Love Each Organization in the LCS (in alphabetical order)

LeagueofLegends9 - Reasons to Love Each Organization in the LCS (in alphabetical order)

I'm making this post for a few reasons. The first and most important is because I'm a huge LCS fan and I kind of want to spread that love, especially for newer viewers who want a reason to get into it. The second is that I feel like people are fans of players first and orgs second and while there's certainly nothing wrong with that, this preseason has had the most aggressive roster change-ups of any preseason in NA and if you're a fan of a long-time veteran, there's a better chance that he's missing from the lineups than no.t So giving you a reason to have a team to rep until you find someone new to geek out over seems like a good idea to me. Lastly, I just want to throw some positivity into a subreddit that I feel has been heavily mired down from the preseason item complaints. To be clear on that last point, I know there's probably more to love about some teams over others but I just want to highlight the good things because there's definitely something there for every org. So if you feel like I'm ignoring some "important drama" or something, it's because I am. I just want people to feel like there's something good to look forward to if you're into the 2021 LCS season.

100 Thieves

They're trying and they're committed to it. They showed up when franchising began in 2018 and came out swinging with a finals appearance but have had difficulty replicating that since. The thing is though, it's not through a lack of trying. 100T have not been afraid to throw out big bucks and they have not been afraid to make big roster and staff changes. That alone might make them just sound like they throw money out with no real aim, but what makes them really likeable is that this is not so. 100T has been committed to talent development. Their "100T Next" program has been a sub-academy program dedicated to training untested or undiscovered solo queue or collegiate talent for the eventual main event and their big spending has always been on proven veteran talent that can act as stabilizing agents or leadership roles for these newer players. A lot of their inability to find success can be attributed to "intangibles" such as synergy or certain growing pains from their start in the League and unfamiliarity for how to coach and develop a team. The point is that they're trying and it's not aimless. This is the kind of org that will eventually win a title and when they do, will say "Exactly as planned! We were in it for the long haul from the start."

Cloud 9

There's so much to like about C9 that it's hard to keep it concise, but if I could sum up this team as best as I can, I'd say their motto would be "We're here for a good time, not a long time." C9 has always been considered one of the best NA teams despite only 3 titles and 2 of those are from the team's inception in 2013. What makes them so good is how damn fun they are to watch. Despite multiple rosters and a very storied history, they always tend to revert to some sort of aggressive and fast-paced style and it's just a blast to spectate. That same style has lead C9 to perennially be NA's last hope at international events even when they have had so many issues clinching the home title. They don't want to do what works. They want to define what works. They're often the first team to try new things and you always feel like they're planning for that fated international success. It's just that sometimes they have too much fun and end up trolling the draft, the game, or both. But it's almost always an entertaining game to watch. Oftentimes the games where C9 bows out early in playoffs are far more entertaining than the finals themselves. One thing is certain, if the day comes that they can consistently dominate NA and also deliver their unspoken promises of international success, they'll do it their way and they'll do it with smiles on their faces.

Counter Logic Gaming

Let's rip this Band-Aid off right now: you're not a fan of this team because you're a fan of winning. CLG has probably had one of the rougher times since franchising compared to other teams. You're a fan of this team because you, just like them, are counterlogic. Somehow, despite having had difficulties finding success for much of the org's history, and despite failing to hold onto big name players and staff, they are still one of the most recognizable org's in the LCS. Most fans of this team by now are long-time dedicated fans but that's not to say a new face can't join their ranks. CLG's brief moment of dominance was from 2015 summer to 2016 spring (where they made finals at MSI btw!) and it was called the faith age and let me tell you, the faith age only ended for the unfaithful. Old and new fans alike know that CLG is just biding its time and that one day, their moment in the spotlight will return and that, as always, it will be completely unexpected. When the last analyst has counted them out, and the last team has dismissed them as perpetual "middle of the pack", they will pull off that miracle run yet again, and you'll be there. After all, you had faith it was in them all along.

Evil Geniuses

This is a team that epitomizes "shoot for the moon and you'll land among the stars". EG came into the 2020 season a new team to the LCS and they came in with the intent to win. It didn't happen but they thought it would until the last second. For a brand new org entering the scene, they made aggressive roster choices and aggressive gameplay choices because they weren't interested in the slow burn. They wanted a title and they wanted it bad. While I can't say for sure what happened behind the scenes, it seemed that they launched themselves toward that moon without properly designing their rocket first. They relied heavily on that raw drive and the raw talent some of their roster had. It just didn't quite pull itself together the way they might have been hoping it would have. EG had impressive regular season perfomances and were forces to be reckoned with in playoffs and that's something to look forward to considering this was their first year competing. Now that they have actual experience to work with, combining that with the same drive to be one of the big boys out on the rift means you can never underestimate what they might bring to the table.


Now this is an old school team with real history. It's one of the three teams in the current LCS that has been around since the inception of the game (even if they did disappear for a bit). Dignitas came back after acquiring Clutch Gaming from the franchised spot and they've had difficulty finding consistent success since but there's just a certain magic to that name. In the old school days, and I mean the old school days they were a team to be feared and there's this weird quality where you can just sort of see why. They've had this strange trend where they start strong, then straggle off, then start to come back only to be too far behind for it to really matter. But for a bit there at the start and end you can see DIG winning games and you just think "Oh snap, DIG's coming for that top spot. Look out boys cuz they're here!" And sure that hype dies down almost right away but it's just bubbling there under the surface. DIG fanbases are smaller than some of the other teams but they're loyal and there's going to be something truly magical if there's ever a DIG run to the title and you'll be a part of that magic when it happens.



Some of you just love to root for an underdog simply because they're an underdog. You know it, I know it, and this season, you can let FLY know it because this org lives and breathes underdog. FLY started as Hai's last hoorah in the LCS in 2017 and performed somewhat disappointingly but it kept its spot when franchising began in 2018. Every split, FLY had been labeled as "low tier" or "middle of the pack" and yet they squeak their way into playoffs and it seems like each time they perform just a bit better. Each split, they command more and more respect until they made their mark in 2020 with back-to-back finals appearances. The org has only continued to grow stronger and stronger since its inception and many people believe it's only a matter of time before they clinch a title. If you want more than that, they've branded themselves as just some all-around nice guys who care for the environment. In both splits of 2020 they committed certain goals for environmental protection based off their performances and standings in-game. Considering, once again, that they made back-to-back finals appearances, those promises weren't empty either. They put their money where their mouths were and delivered. You can't get much more feel-good than the friendly underdogs securing a hard fought victory in NA and helping the environment along the way.

Golden Guardians

Now here's a team that does not have a lot of money to spend. You know what they do have though? Heart. GGS borderline collapsed when they started in 2018 after franchising began. They set back-to-back 10th place records and after that not many people had high hopes for them but they had other plans in store for themselves. Combining low funds and even lower success, GGS was having difficulty putting together rosters that looked like they could succeed. A lot of analysts had them as an 8th place or below team and yet they persevered. They keep finding a way to squeak into playoffs and they keep doing it with brand new, unproven talent or "washed up" vets who seem to have some new life bred into them. More than that, they don't even seem like they're surprised to be there. They may have failed to place higher than 5/6 each time but they always enter playoffs with that air about them that they're real contenders. They know it, the competition knows it, and we know it. That's what's so impressive about GGS. They take rosters that a lot of people dismiss, and consistently make them better than the sum of their parts. Whatever is happening with GGS's coaching and development is doing wonders for their team. One of these days, they'll strike that perfect combination of new, sensational talent, supporting staff, and hutzpah and they'll put all the big spenders to shame.


Immortals, for a brief moment, was the best team that never was. When they first formed in 2016, they came out swinging…if there was a rocket booster strapped to the back of their bat. They went 17-1 and 16-2 in the regular seasons of 2016 securing semifinals positions in playoffs. The weird thing was despite their dominant regular season performances, they could never translate it to playoff success. They lost both semifinal matches which led to back-to-back third places. According to LCS rules at the time, that actually meant they were unable to attend worlds. The roster later blew up and they would later resurge in summer 2017 for a finals appearance before losing a very intense series against TSM. This time around they were able to make it to worlds with a roster that would go on to become 60% of the TL roster that began taking the LCS by storm in 2018. The thing about IMT is that they've either been really hit or really miss and it's hard to say whether it's luck that causes this or something more. They disappeared for franchising in 2018 before returning in 2020 with a roster that could have been good but fell in the "really miss" category. There's just something about a team that has been so close so many times only to trip on its own two feet at the finish line. And statistically speaking, we're in for a "really hit" rotation of this org so I wouldn't be surprised to see them enter the rift in 2021 having dusted off the rocket-powered baseball bat again.

Team Liquid

I have applauded a few teams on this list for not having to resort to just buying the best talent for their success. Is it hypocritical if I do the opposite? Probably but I'm going to spin it like that anyway. TL quite literally (figuratively) buys their wins. Here's the thing though: it would probably feel really bad for everyone if they spent just a bit more than the second place team to secure their own first place. TL doesn't do that. TL spends so much goddamn more money than any other team that's it's just an empirical fact that if they want a player, they get that player. They bought the best team they could for back-to-back wins in 2018. Then they somehow bought a better team to do it again in 2019. Then they attempted to do it again for 2020 but this time internal issues caused them to stumble in spring and they still managed to scramble themselves back up for a solid performance in summer. It looks like they've managed to top themselves yet again in 2021 and at a certain point, you just have to admire when a team is so determined to win that they'll do so at any cost (literally). It might not be the flashiest team to support, but at the end of the day, some people want to support the winner and some teams want to be the winner. TL is undoubtedly that team.

Team Solo Mid

TSM! TSM! TSM! You've gotten to the bottom of this list. Is it because you're really bored? Out of pity for someone who wasted a few pointless minutes of his life writing this? Or have you not yet found a team you really want to be a fan for? When you're a fan of TSM, you're not a fan, you're the fan. No team has as large or as passionate a fan base as TSM. Their fans are so dedicated that they draw "TSM!" chants in every stadium they show up to, even when performing in Europe, Korea, or China. It's any wonder as to why either. TSM has been the longest running and most consistent team the LCS has ever fielded. They didn't even miss a finals until spring 2018. That's the beauty about it. They went through a slump from 2018 until summer 2020 when they found yet another title for their trophy case. Let's reanalyze that for a bit. Most of the teams on this list don't even have a single title to their name yet but when people talk about TSM, it's considered a slump that they didn't get one for 2 years. They're not always the best team in NA but they are definitely the region's kings. It would take literal years of failure to wipe that title from them and their win last summer demonstrates that years of failure is not something they'll just roll over and allow to happen. TSM fans are part of something more, something elite, and every time a TSM chant rings in the rafters of a stadium, you can feel that elite pedigree in your soul.

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