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Recent Uzi memes within the Chinese LoL community

LeagueofLegends7 - Recent Uzi memes within the Chinese LoL community

乌兹,永远滴神! (Uzi, everlasting GOD!)

This meme originates from shinyruo, a retired player from WE during one of the RNG games in S9. His exact words went like this,


"Uzi, everlasting God! Uzi is indispensable, and Ming is replaceable. Uzi can blast open his opponents' asses with any support player. Uzi can destroy 5 people all by himself. I'm gonna tell you this when RNG play against CG Uzi can just 1v5 them. He can just think of his team mates as his super minions and treat it as a one-man game. A player like LangX is either middle of the pack of bottom tier. I support RNG, all chinese team. Even though the other 2 teams are from LPL too, but they are not my personal belief. What else can I say? Uzi, everlasting GOD!"


This gave rise to a new meme as people started spamming "Uzi, everlasting God!" everywhere. Chinese community would go as far as to include Xiaohu in the conversation too,
"Xiaohu, temporary God!" because Xiaohu is seen as being inconsistent and coin-flippy.


One day, a popular China LoL channel uploaded a video of RNG's ex player Letme playing top lane Vayne. As an attempt to clickbait and generate more views, he titled his video something along the lines of "Letme playing top-lane vayne, even Uzi is not able to play at his level."
Here is the top comment under that video:


"Playing Vayne in the top lane without Uzi's permission and approval?? No wonder The Sheep (Letme was known for his Ornn) was forced into retirement. There might be some shady stuff going on behind the scenes."


And so, as an attempt to get more views and likes, this led to an influx of Uzi memes as Chinese netizens began find all sorts of ways to link anything to Uzi, even if they are completely unrelated. The chinese call this type of behaviour "远距离开团", which translates to "Long-distance engagement/initiation".


This coupled with the fact that RNG failed again during Worlds gave birth to a new set of memes involving worldplay.
乌兹不行 (wu zi bu xing) ——— Uzi is not capable enough/ not up to par.

1) "请朋友来我刚装修好的新房来看,朋友看完皱了皱眉头对我说:装修可以,但是屋子不行 (wu zi bu xing)."

"I asked my friend to come to my newly renovated house and he frowned after seeing it. The friend told me that the decoration is OK, but the house is not."
Uzi sounds similar to house (wu zi) in Mandarin.


2) "班里同学说有个舞社的漂亮女同学跳舞跳的很好, 邀请我一起去看看。 我看了半天实在觉得跳的一般,只能说人长得漂亮 但是舞姿不行 (wu zi bu xing)."


"My classmate told me that there's a hot girl in the dance club, and invited me to check it out. I looked and it wasn't anything special. Her face is pretty but her dance pose is not good enough"
Uzi sounds similar to dance pose (wu zi) in Mandarin.


3) 柯洁进了清华之后和同学下棋,同学提出让他四个子,柯洁同意了之后还是轻松赢了下来,同学又说让他五个子,柯洁说:“四子可以,但是五子不行 (wu zi bu xing).

Ke Jie was playing Weiqi/Go with his Tsinghua University classmate . He suggested giving him a handicap of 4 and Ke Jie agreed . Ke Jie won in the end and so his classmate asked Ke Jie to give him 5 stones handicap instead. Ke Jie told him, "4 is ok but 5 stones is too much of a handicap."
Uzi sounds like 5 stones/pieces (wu zi) in Mandarin.


4) 小火和诗仙女依偎在床上,突然,诗仙女转过头去说,“我们恐怕不能在一起了”。 “为什么?” “我母亲告诉我,她很想抱外孙,但是小火你阳痿。我知道这对你很残酷,但我真的没有办法了” 小火很生气:“孩子,孩子就这么重要吗?” 诗仙女低下头,沉默了半天说:“哎,无子真的不行” (wu zi zhen de bu xing)

Xiao Huo and the Poetic Fairy (?) cuddled on the bed. Suddenly, the she turned and said, "We can't be together anymore."
"My mother told me that she wanted a grandson, but you have ED. I know this is cruel to you, but I really can't help it."
"Is having children so important?"
The poetic fairy lowered her head, "Yes, no sons is really no-go". Uzi sounds similar to no sons/no children (wu zi) in Mandarin.


5)为什么英雄联盟四个字,因为五字不行 (wu zi bu xing)

Why does League of Legends only have 4 syllables, because having 5 syllables is not ok.
Uzi sounds similar to five words/syllables ( wu zi) in Mandarin.


6) 自从老婆有了孩子,家里就变得打理不过来了,于是请来了保姆。这天我回家吃饭,看到厨房地上有一摊油。保姆问我对饭菜满意吗?我指着地上的油说:“饭做的可以,但是这污渍不行(wu zi bu xing)”

Ever since our child is born, the house chores has become too unmanageable, so I hired a housekeeper. I went home for dinner that day and saw oil stain on the kitchen floor. She asked me if I was satisfied with the meal. I pointed to the oil on the ground and said, "Food is pretty ok, but this stain over here is unacceptable.
Yeap, Uzi sounds exactly like stain (wu zi) in Mandarin.


As long as you engaged on Uzi, it is a good engage.

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