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Reddit, I present you the LPL nicknames hierarchy chart, the Holy Bible of LPL memes

LeagueofLegends8 - Reddit, I present you the LPL nicknames hierarchy chart, the Holy Bible of LPL memes

Every year the LPL fan community gathers and come up with a list of nicknames awarded to each player judging by their overall performances of their careers (I am not making this up). Each nickname has its own category which defines how good a player is.

417821512277 - Reddit, I present you the LPL nicknames hierarchy chart, the Holy Bible of LPL memes


I will attempt to translate and explain each nickname and their memeful origins.

Note that one player can have multiple nicknames depending on their performances during different time period of their career. For example, when Iboy carries he's "Fish Man" but when he feeds he's "Zhao Emperor".

On the right side:

真主 – "God" Category (this Chinese word's direct translation is "Allah" in Islam): Only Rookie belongs in this category as he has been the carry for LPL ever since he came into the league in 2015 and stuck with the poor performing IG all the way until he won a world championship in 2018. He has gained a massive amount of hardcore followers among LPL fans due to his carry performances and ability to speak Chinese fluently. You absolutely cannot flame him (although this has changed recently)

酱 – "Chan" Category: Originally only awarded to Godv/Weiless because he was a huge weeb and was caught binge watching anime all night before worlds 2015. Then this title quickly escalated to being awarded to players who have been in league for a long time (the god fathers of the league in a way), had dominating performance at one point and have lots of controversies and memes. Godv is called Wei-Chan and Clearlove is called 7-Chan due to his name change in 2017 (Clearlove7). Note that Godv's picture is upside down which is another meme of his famous backwards Varus arrow from worlds 2015. Uzi used to be in this category too but has been removed after worlds 2018.

男 – "Man" Category: Players who had consistent carry performances at one period of time.

  1. TheShy = Shy Man: his name
  2. Zzitai = Disk Man: When he first came to IG he had a hobby of DJing
  3. MLXG = Nobel Man: There was an incident of him calling people "farmers/peasants" on stream. Hence people have been calling him Noble sarcastically
  4. Karsa = Leaving Man: before MSI 2016 in Shanghai FW social media posted something along the lines of "this is our first time leaving the country for an international tournament". Haters have been using this to flame him.
  5. LetMe = Let Man: his name
  6. Xiaohu = Cry Man: he once cried during a game on stage
  7. Clearlove = Dream Man: he has more than once stated that he still plays pro to achieve his dream of winning worlds, although results have been lacking
  8. Scout = Study Man: came from the word "Xue Di” which kind of means "Kouhai" in Japanese. Fans called him that because he was "studying" behind Faker while on SKT
  9. Meiko = Lotus Man: Came from the meme that Meiko was the "white lotus" of the team because he cannot be blamed what so ever for EDG's failure, fans will always defend him. (White lotus in Chinese usually refers to someone who's always innocent and clean)
  10. Iboy = Fish Man: because he looks like a fish
  11. Condi = "Piao"Man: the word "Piao" in Chinese means visiting hookers. Condi was exposed by his ex gf that he has a habit of visiting hookers and he once famously said "I just cannot quit"
  12. Xiyang = Baby Man: there was a scandal in 2018 that Xiyang made some fan girl got an abortion for him
  13. Doinb = Dancing Man: He dances on stage a lot after winning. Famously this clip after beating KZ at Rift Rivals 2018:
    pw1G6s4GcI0?t=2917 - Reddit, I present you the LPL nicknames hierarchy chart, the Holy Bible of LPL memeshttps://youtu.be/pw1G6s4GcI0?t=2917
  14. Gimgoon = Mouth Man: I'm actually not really aware of this one, I'm assuming it's because he talks really loud while streaming and he yelled out "么么哒" to the crowd once. Maybe some more qualified LPL memer can help me with this one
  15. Jackeylove = Water Man: Jackeylove's real name is 喻文波. "波“ means wave in Chinese
  16. Xiye = Garbage Man: came from a famous quote by Godv "This garbage Xiye is making me laugh so hard" (Godv dominated Xiye for a split)
  17. Xx = Bear Man: Xx stands for XiongXiong which means "BearBear" in Chinese
  18. Knight9 = Golden left hand Man: Knight plays cross handed hence earned the name "Golden Left Hand" when he first came into the league
  19. 20. Maple = MapleMan: his name
  20. Amazingj = Acient Looking Pretty Man: Amazingj was not really known for his looks and fans been calling him "pretty, like the good looking MCs who's from one of those historical Chinese shows" sarcastically. He even doubled it down with this cosplay


皇 – ”Emperor" Category: Using the first character from the word Huang Di (which means emperor). this is actually used to describe a player negatively, who gets carried by this team a lot, just like emperors back in the old days who have servants doing everything for them.

  1. Haro = Ha Emperor: his name
  2. IBoy = "Zhao" Emperor: IBoy's real name is Hu Xian Zhao
  3. Meiko = Lotus Emperor: same reason as above
  4. West = West Emperor: his name
  5. Hope = Xi Emperor: Xi is the first character of the word Xi Wang, which means hope
  6. Uzi = Shower emoji Emperor: Uzi once famously got tilted on stream and rage quit. Before he went afk he typed in all chat "Imma go take a shower" hence people been calling him all kinds of name that involves showering. The most used one is "Showering puppy"
  7. Maple = Maple Emperor: his name

The Dog Emoji Category: A special category only dedicated to all of the nicknames Uzi has gotten over the past years, such as "Showering Puppy", "Mad Puppy" and the one most well known on this subreddit: The Lantern

帝 – "Emperor" Category: Using the second character from the word Huang Di. This is the same as the previous emperor category

  1. Corn = Yu Emperor: Yu Di, is a famous Chinese God in traditional Taoism culture. This nickname is a combination of the world "Yu Mi" (which means corn) and the character "Di"
  2. Xiaohu = Tiger Miserable Emperor: Historically, the term "Ai Di" (Miserable Emperor) is given to emperors who have caused the decline of a dynasty. Xiao Hu means little tiger in Chinese
  3. LetMe = Let Emperor: his name
  4. Condi = Con Emperor: his name

Internet Romance Category: featuring Icon and Mystic. Although Mystic is already a married man with kids, Icon has more than once confessed his fandom and love for Mystic on social media.

On the left side are special categories

爹 – “Dad” Category: Only one player can hold this title at a time. TheShy was awarded the one and only father of LPL after worlds 2019. Many people have been calling him "TheDad" after the bo5 vs G2. The player who previously held this title was Pawn

哥 – “Brother" Category: Players who's always carrying their teams and have 0 scandals and nothing to flame about. (Faker used to be here too but was removed due to he was not an LPL player)

  1. 957 = Leg Brother: In Chinese, getting carried by someone is referred as "Grabbing his leg". When 957 first came out he was carrying in both LPL and soloq really hard
  2. Flandre = Purifier Brother: before LPL, Flandre had a game where he had 600 cs on lucian in a minor league game, hence earned the nickname
  3. SMLZ = "Ma" brother: SMLZ stands for Si Ma Lao Zei, the nickname uses the second character of that name

Princess emoji Category: Special category for Baolan. Since he's skinny and looks kinda feminine, some people called him "Lan Princess". This was then blown up by an incident during Baolan's birthday, which Kid commented on his Weibo "Happy birthday to our favorite Lan Princess". Baolan's fans became super defensive and flamed Kid's weibo. Kid had to later on issue an apology even though he's good friends with Baolan (ex teammates after all). Some say this sparkled the beginning of the IG internal drama which led to their poor performance in summer 2019

"Death" Category: special nickname for PYL since he holds the record for most death in the league and he tends to run it down a lot

"Sword God" Category: Special category for Jinoo for his Riven performance

The next 3 categories are all about Ray:

  1. "Ma" Ray: a word play on Marin, awarded for his carry performance during EDG's worlds run in 2018
  2. "Kai" Ray: a word play on the word carry. You can only call him that when Clearlove is also playing (Clearlove's name is Ming Kai), not necessarily mean that he's carrying
  3. Ray "Zhi": a word play on the Chinese word Ruo Zhi, which means mentally retarded

弟 – ”Little brother" Category: Special category for Letme, since the emperor category was enough to describe his int back in 2017 when he was losing lane to every other top laner. So he was every top laner's “little brother" at one point. Also note that 弟 and 帝 have the same pronunciation, which makes it more convenient.

王 – “King" Category: Used to be the same as the emperor category, but now only "Ning King" is left in this category because everyone else was removed in order to honor the Worlds FMVP Ning. Ning also recently got a new nickname – "Shoe King" due to how frequent he cops expensive shoes, dudes a hype beast.

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