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Reddit Knows Balance: Round 3 Results

LeagueofLegends13 - Reddit Knows Balance: Round 3 Results

Hello everyone! Today, we have the results of Reddit Knows Balance Round 3, our community's second attempt to balance the game. Participation in this thread was even better than the last, and I thank you all for contributing your ideas, good or bad. I'm glad we did this again.

These were the most popular ideas of that thread. Enjoy reading!


We're changing how CC interacts with dashes in hopes of nerfing the power of mobility.

  • Being Stunned, Rooted, Grounded, Airborne, Silenced or Suppressed cancels all current dashes. (unless the recipient has unstoppable of course)

coffeeclubbr - Reddit Knows Balance: Round 3 Results



The death of an enemy shouldn't be so inconvenient.

  • If you Umbral Trespass an opponent as Rhaast, and the opponent dies before you exit, you still get the heal. If you Umbral Trespass an opponent as Shadow Assassin, and the opponent dies before you exit, you still get the passive reset.


Lee Sin

He's already blind.

  • Lee Sin is no longer affected by the blind status effect.



We want to double down on the redneck hamster's go-nuts style, while also connecting him with his beloved mushrooms, and giving him an actual E he can use dismounted. If he can make use of this new tool effectively, he will be rewarded with his friend coming back to fight alongside him quicker. However, activating it at the wrong time can easily result in him getting blown up without achieving anything meaningful. The channel gives the enemy clear indication of the power window.

  • (New) Dismounted E: Mushroom Juice Cooldown:30/27/24/21/18 seconds Active: Kled takes a deep sip from his pocket flask (0,5s channel, similar to Gragas W), which makes him go on a mushroom-fueled rampage for the next 3 seconds, increasing Courage gained and damage taken by 50%. If Kled gets Skaarl back, the effect immediately expires.



Simply making it easier for Ashe to use her Q.

  • Ashe – Attacking towers now grants Focus stacks.



Because our favourite Wandering Caretaker has too little outplay potential against your own teammates we make little changes to his ultimate.

R – Tempered Fate

  • RANGE: 3400 ⇒ 5000

  • EFFECT RADIUS: 350 ⇒ 500

  • TRAVEL TIME: 0.65s to 1.8s ⇒ 0.35s to 1s

  • NEW EFFECT: For every ally caught in Tempered Fate, it's cooldown is reduced by 25% (50% on Twisted Treeline), up to 100% if your entire team gets caught by you.



Lowering aftershocks early game presence makes it less frustrating to deal with, while adding scaling to it to make champions with lower bonus resistances less tanky. However, increasing the offensive ratios on the detonation should still cause damage-heavy users of the rune to still use it, since they lose out on the resistances more than its other users.

  • Cooldown increased from 35 seconds to 45 seconds.

  • Resistances lowered from 70-120 based on level to 40-100 based on level.

  • Resistances now scale with 20% of your bonus armor and mr gained from items and runes.

  • Detonation AD ratio increased from 15% to 25%. Detonation AP Ratio increased from 10% to 20%.

  • Detonation range increased slightly (couldn't find exact numbers but it should be increased by around 50-75 units)

Elidot - Reddit Knows Balance: Round 3 Results



Draven's passive lets his team throw the game if they steal kills from him, so we have him a new 2nd passive to help balance this out.

  • Passive – GG No Team: If Draven gets 3 of his kills stolen (assist were he did 50% or more of the damage) he no longer can stop moving to the enemy fountain gaining 50% movement speed, and no longer loses LP at the end of the match.



This will hopefully tone down some frustration for both Zoe and her opponents, since they can see what summoner spell will drop in advance and play around it, as well as make Zoe's early laning a little bit less RNG heavy.

  • the summoner spell that drops now shows on the balloon on the minion.

  • Protobelt, GLP and Redemption cannot drop from minions until Zoe has completed a finished item (boots not counting).

  • Cleanse drops less frequently.




This should punish a Pyke for going in and not backing out at the right time.

  • When ignited, Pyke should be revealed so his passive won't kick in.



Crit item changes left Jhin a bit underpowered, we give him small buff, perfectly fitting his kit



Control Wards

Currently, you can only buy up to 2 regardless if you have a Control Ward on the map or not. Control Ward inventory logic changed:

  • If you have NO Control Wards on the map > you can buy up to 3

  • If you have A Control Ward on the map > keep it as it is, buying up to 2.

brutell - Reddit Knows Balance: Round 3 Results


Red is a fugly color for wards

  • Control wards are now pink instead of red.



Reverting a crippling nerf, to return her to her former glory.

  • Base movement speed increased by 5.

dat boi99 - Reddit Knows Balance: Round 3 Results



Rewarding Shen players more for positioning their sword, and improving his waveclear.

  • Shen's spirit sword deals damage when it goes through enemies.


Miss Fortune

Is Miss Fortune shooting bullets into the sky and then waiting for them to fall back down? Is her crew shooting from her super distant ship in a full on barrage Gangplank style? Are these the left over bullets from all the MF players that ult in the wrong direction during team fights? It just doesn't make much sense thematically.

It's intended to be a utility spell for kiting and setting up juicy ults. However, its more common use is exploiting the reliable damage to proc Manaflow Band, Arcane Comet, etc. This new spell can be used to better impact team fights where the enemy clumps up, while also creating a meaningful zone of control that might help in keeping the enemy frontline from barreling towards you lest they shred their own armor. Increasing the mana cost and preventing players from spamming it needlessly gives a clear path to mastery for players.

  • Make it Rain -> Sea legs: Miss Fortune throws an oil grenade at target location slowing any enemies that walk through it. If Miss Fortune hits this area during Bullet Time, the oil slick is ignited and enemies within the area of effect lose armor.

  • Mana Cost: 150 at all ranks

  • Cooldown: 17/15/13/11/9

  • Active : Miss Fortune tosses an oil grenade creating an area that slows enemies by while they are inside the area, lasting 5 seconds.

  • Ignited effect: Bullet Time ignites the area, causing enemies caught in the fire to lose armor. Ignited area also affects Neutral Monsters.



Because thematic reasons.

  • After learning W, Sion now loses 15 hp every time he dies (cannot drop him below 0 bonus HP on W).



In addition to everything his Q did previously, allies can ride Volibear. Champions can be targeted/hit while on Volibear. To jump onto Volibear you must be close and click him. Somewhat like clicking Thresh's Lantern. Allies can auto attack while on top of Volibear.

  • Q: Polar Bear Express!

  • ADD: Players nearby can jump onto Volibear and ride him into battle for the duration. Maximum number is 1 ally, BUT if his champion size is increased, the maximum number increases to 2!



Movement speed reduced. This should push Irelia Yasuo to rely more on Bladesurge's Sweeping Blade's mobility to maneuver through a fight.

Base stats

  • MOVEMENT SPEED : ⇒ 340

sageniis - Reddit Knows Balance: Round 3 Results



Recent jungle changes hit Shaco pretty hard, we would like to give him little compensation buff.

  • NEW EFFECT: Style on them – after successfully killing an enemy champion, stealing red/blue buff, or stealing an epic monster, Shaco's standard walk animation is replaced by his dance animation for next 3 seconds.


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