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Regarding Riot’s response to K/DA All Out Evelynn’s in-game model and a proposal to fix it.

LeagueofLegends5 - Regarding Riot's response to K/DA All Out Evelynn's in-game model and a proposal to fix it.

K/DA All Out Evelynn's hair is "not feasible to style her hair to reflect what Eve's promotional piece has."

If you guys are confused as to what the problem is, K/DA AO Evelynn was promoted to have this long hair of hers that reached to the waist however the in-game model's hairstyle is nowhere close to that.

Promotional Art showcasing long hair Evelynn

Splashart showcasing once again, long hair Evelynn

In-game Model of K/DA All out Evelynn ( thank you https://twitter.com/Zhonya_uwu for this render )

Although it is impossible to add a new model/animation rig behind Evelynn without it being a legendary skin tier for some reason. It is possible to do some changes to help portray as if Evelynn does have some long hair.

However there are some restrictions to what they can do to fix a skin,

Basically the only changes they can do are small model tweaks, ones that minimize clipping and do not require any major model/animation rig making.

An easy fix to this to make it seem as if Evelynn has longer hair without making the skin legendary tier is by duplicating the hair to both shoulders depicting a more voluminous hairstyle. Default Evelynn already has these two hair rigs allowing it easier fixes to the new K/DA skin since it follows the guidelines and restrictions they have regarding skin changes.

Here is an edit to how K/DA All Out Evelynn can look to make it seem like she has long hair.


Copy-pasted hair to both shoulders. Render made by https://twitter.com/Zhonya_uwu

Default Evelynn's hair rigs

Default Evelynn

I'm hopeful that this change is very possible especially hearing about Riot completely changing Elise's spiderling models to player feedback and it seems like everyone is also upset about the lack of comparison to the promoted K/DA All out skin.

A problem I have with this whole issue is that Riot has made plenty of skins, Epic skin tier skins, examples such as:

Bear Cavalry Sejuani : whole new braid that has its own animation

Battle Academia and Prestige Lux : added a new ponytail and longer hair on prestige skin

Spirit Blossom Cassiopeia : added new model and animation even though base skin doesn't have any hair rigs or hair animation.


K/DA All Out Evelynn is promoted to have long hair however her in-game skin shows her to have shorter length. Riot recently responded to the problem claiming it is impossible to make such changes without making the skin Legendary-tier since they don't have the current rigs to do so. In response to that I've made changes to the skin without making new rigs whatsoever.

Thank you for taking the time to read my suggestion. Hopefully some sort of change comes through even if it's not this. 🙂 !

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