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Releasing six champions per year seems quite excessive when we already have more than 150. We should have more minor updates and full VGUs.

LeagueofLegends2 - Releasing six champions per year seems quite excessive when we already have more than 150. We should have more minor updates and full VGUs.

It honestly surprises me that Riot is going with the route of making even more champions. I mean, I always wondered how far League would go when it comes to its roster, after all, more than 150 characters in a single game is a hell lot, and it seems like its going in the direction of becoming way too much.

I know that stopping new releases is extremely unlikely and hell, I'm not really saying Riot should straight up stop releasing new champions for a while, but reworks have always been an excellent to introduce content that was, realistically, new, while also updating stuff that is outdated, and considering we're having a poll to pick one of five champions, why not simply rework like three of them and get rid of three new champion releases?

Having less new champions would also have the effect of making the ones getting released more memorable. Now, the pandemic probably contributed to the issue, but it felt like some champions were thrown in the game without ceremony: Lillia, Samira and Rell were particularly overshadowed by the champions released close to them, Lillia could not compete with the hype around Yasuo's brother, most people were talking about Seraphine when Samira was released, and Rell stood in the shadow of the Ruined King. Keep in mind I'm not saying those champions are bad or that I hate them, but they weren't given much time in the spotlight because of other champions that received much more attention even before they were officially announced.

Also, its not like Riot needs to go too far with VGUs, Ezreal is one example of a VGU that only changed one ability, but because the champion is popular, the update to his appearence and voicelines was hyped enough. We have some ugly-looking popular champions like Ahri and Lux, whose voicelines don't fit their story anymore, as well as some champions that could use only minor tweaks on their kits in addition to new appearences. Of course, we should have big VGUs (fingers crossed for Udyr to win the poll), but not all champions need gigantic changes.


An issue that is usually brought up when this topic shows up is the fact that new champions usually make more money. I cannot confirm nor deny this, because I don't have any sources, but I really wonder if all of them make that much money. Because here is the thing, I don't doubt some of them made a lot of money, Sett had a prestige skin, Yone would sell simply because he is Yasuo's brother and Seraphine was released with a lot of hype and an Ultimate skin with one of the most popular themes in the game, but did the others really make an ammount of money that, say, a reworked champion wouldn't make with their remade skins? What if champions that get reworked get one new skin too if that is the issue?

Again, I don't have the number to argue here, but I honestly don't think champions that get overshadowed are selling so much to justify the choice of inflating the ammount of champions in the roster. Besides, even if we assume that there is a loss of money, I don't think Riot would be hurt by gaining slightly less than the millions they make every year in exchange for improving the old stuff that will benefit the game in the long run. Specially because, if the number of champions start growing uncontrollably, it could reach a state that is much harder to manage.

I know this topic has been brought before, but honestly, if the community keeps bringing it up, maybe its something that could be looked into, many people aren't content with the number of new releases and how it cost us potential VGUs. An excess of releases doesn't seem like a good idea in the long run.

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