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Remember LookbackLoL? I re-made my website that lets you see how many games two summoners have played together!

LeagueofLegends3 - Remember LookbackLoL? I re-made my website that lets you see how many games two summoners have played together!

Here's the updated link: lookbacklol.com (someone stole Lookback.LoL while I stopped paying for it lol)

Edit: FYI – Riot only lets us query 3 years back for match history. Both ranked & normal matches are searched.

A couple years ago I made a website that lets you see if you played with someone before. It shows some cool information like which champions you played as well as links to the entire match details on Riot's website. It's useful for finding shared matches between two players.

After Riot changed the way their API works, on-going server costs, and just a lack of time on my part, I shut down the website. After many requests and PMs for me to put it back up, I decided I wanted to take another stab at it. I redesigned the entire website from the ground up. Both the back-end data logic and the front-end user interface.

I'm still making some final touches, code & reliability improvements, and figuring out how I can better support it (by running ads or something, still not sure what I'm going to do). I have a contact page on there that links to my email if you have any questions or would like to report a problem.

If you could share it with your friends that would be awesome! It's still in "beta" and hasn't been tested at super high loads, so go easy on it Reddit. 😅


Thanks for all the messages and support since I've started Lookback 🙂

Link to original post: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/5s3nga/i_made_a_website_that_lets_you_see_how_many_games/

Edit 2:

Why can't we see win rate?

I would love to have that but there are 2 things blocking that: Lookback shows any game 2 summoners played together — even if they're on different teams, so it would have to account for that, which is fine, and pretty easy to do. The real problem is Riot's API. Right now, Lookback queries match history in batches of 100 per player. So if you do 2 summoners each with 3,000 games, it has to make 30 calls to the API for each player. In the data Riot returns for those queries is only simple information like lane, queue, season, champion. It doesn't include win / loss, or who was on the same team or not. So, in order to get that information, Lookback would need to make an additional query for every single shared match. So given my example, if those 2 summoners played 1500 games together, it would need to make an additional 1500 calls to the Riot API, which isn't possible or scalable. You'd be waiting for 10 minutes to get the data, and image 100 people using the website at once waiting 10 minutes, it isn't possible given the limitations of the API.

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