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Results for the “What music do the mains of each champion listen to”

LeagueofLegends10 - Results for the "What music do the mains of each champion listen to"

Around a year ago those of you who are subbed to any(most) of the champion mains subreddits might remember a music and "x" mains poll posted. now after a year of procrastination i have compiled all the results here. ordered by region, and then in (mostly) alphabetical order writing all this down took approximately 10 hours.

most listened to genre(%)second most listened to genre(%)third most listened to genre(%)
Ahri Mains (Very low sample size)Video Game Ost's (80)J-pop (60)K-pop (60)
Akali MainsRap (46.4)Video Game Ost's (43.6)Rock (41)
Irelia MainsRap (47.5)EDM (40.7)J-pop (35.6)
Jhin MainsRock (46.8)Video Game Ost's (45.5)EDM (44.3)
Karma MainsPop (64)EDM (42)Rock (36)
Kayn MainsRock (53.2)Rap (42.9)Video Game Ost's (39%
Kennen MainsRock (38.8)Rap (38.8)Lofi (35.8)
Lee Sin MainsRap (64.5)Hip-Hop (46.8)Rock (38.7)
Master Yi MainsRap (40)Rock (36)EDM (36)
Rakan MainsRock (48.4)Pop (46.2)Lofi (37.4)
Sett MainsRock (61.3)Metal (51.4)Rap (43.1)
Shen MainsRock (60.5)Metal (43.5)Lofi (40.4)
Syndra MainsPop (40.4)Rock (38.3)EDM (35.7)
Varus MainsRock (44.4)EDM (32.4)Video Game Ost (32.4)
Wukong MainsRock(52.5)Rap(42.4)Video Game Ost (42.4)
Xayah MainsEDM (57.1)Lofi (52.9)Rock (42.9)
Yauso MainsRap (48.4)Video Game Ost (42.2)EDM(40.6)
Zed Mains (Very low sample size)Rap (100)Rock (60)Grime (40)
Fiora MainsRap (37.4)Rock (30.1)EDM (30.1)
Galio MainsRock (46.9)Rap (41.8)EDM (39.8)
Garen MainsRock (46.1)Metal (42.1)Rap (38.2)
J4 MainsRock (59.7)Rap (44.8)Pop (34.3)
Kayle MainsRock (55)EDM (43.3)Metal (38.3)
Lucian MainsRap (52.4)Rock (40.5)Hip-Hop (39.7)
Lux MainsVideo Game Ost (52.9)Pop (51)J-pop (44.1)
Morgana MainsRock (45.8)Pop (39)Metal (39)
Poppy MainsRock (55.3)Video Game Ost (41.7)Metal (37.4)
Quinn MainsRock (47)Metal (31.3)Video Game Ost (30.1)
Ryze MainsEDM (41.2)Rock (42.6)Rap (38.2)
Senna Mains ( 0 responses)XXX
Shyvana MainsVideo Game Ost (56.5)Rock (56.5)Metal (47.8)
Sona MainsJ-pop (42.9)Lofi (39.3)Pop (38.4)
Sylas MainsRap (47.3)Rock (41.8)Hip-Hop(34.4)
Vayne MainsEDM (47.3)Rock (45)Rap (43.4)
Xin Zhao MainsRap (42.2)Rock (46.7)Pop (33.3)
Caitlin MainsRap (41.9)Rock (41.9)Pop (38.7)
Camille MainsEDM (42.3)Funk (41.8)Rap (40.1)
Ezreal MainsRock (48)rap (44)Lofi (42)
Heimerdinger MainsEDM (44)Rock (40.5)Rap (36.9)
Jayce MainsRock (55.6)Metal (44.4)EDM (40.7)
Orianna Mains (Low sample size)Rap (33.3)Lofi (33.3)Classical (22.2)
Vi Mains (Low sample size)Rap (60)Rock (55)Metal (50)
Blitzcrank MainsRock (45.6)Rap (42.1)EDM (38.8)
Dr.Mundo MainsRap (31.7)Rock (30.2)Jazz (22.2)
Ekko MainsRap (59.6)Hip-Hop (43.3)EDM (40.4)
Janna MainsRock (39.5)Pop (38.8)Lofi (38.2)
Jinx MainsRock (57.6)Rap (38.7)Metal (37.3)
Singed MainsRock (35.9)Rap (34.5)EDM (31.3)
Twitch MainsEDM (49.6)Rap (42)Rock (30.4)
Urgot MainsRock (62.9)Metal (59.4)Punk Rock (23.5)
Viktor MainsRock (46.9)Metal (43.1)Rap (40)
Warwick MainsRock (55.3)EDM (46.6)Rap (40.8)
Zac MainsRap (48.4)Rock (46.2)Lofi (35.2)
Ziggs MainsRock (41.1)Rap (34.6%)Indie Rock (30.8)
Alistar MainsRock (57.8)Rap (44.4)EDM (42.2)
Annie MainsEDM (39.5)Lofi (39.5)Rock (38.4)
Cassiopeia MainsPop (46.4)Rap (46.4)Lofi (39.3)
Darius MainsRock (62.5)Metal (55.3)Rap (38.3)
Draven MainsRap (39.6)EDM (39.2)Metal (35.8)
Katarina MainsRap (43.8)EDM (42.1)Rock (38)
Kled MainsRock (52)Metal (41.6)Rap (40.5)
Kindred MainsRock (47.1)EDM (43.7)Lofi (34.5)
LeBlanc MainsPop (56)Hip-Hop (44)R&B (40)
Mordekaiser MainsMetal (67.1)Rock (61.3)EDM (35)
Riven MainsRock (48.7)Rap (42.2)EDM (40.3)
Sion MainsRock (55.6)Metal (51.1)Rap (28.9)
Swain MainsRock (51.3)Metal (43.9)EDM (32.1)
Talon MainsRap (54.5)Rock (45.5)EDM (43.6)
Vladmir MainsMetal (51.1)Rock (40.5)EDM (36.2)
SHADOW ISLES//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Elise MainsRap (53.6)EDM (42)Rock (37.7)
Hecarim MainsRock (51.9)Metal (48.1)Rap (45.6)
Karthus MainsMetal (58.3)Rock (42.7)Rap (29.2)
Kalista MainsRock (47.6)Rap (42.9)Hip-Hop (42.9)
Maokai MainsRock (58.5)Metal (47.2)Indie Rock (32.1)
Thresh MainsRock (53.7)Rap (48.8)Lofi (43.1)
Yorick MainsRock (61.1)Metal (54.9)Rap (36)
Fizz MainsRap (62.3 )Hip-Hop (37.7)Lofi (37)
Gangplank MainsRock (63)Metal (61.7)Sea Shanties (23.2)
Graves MainsRap (54.8)Rock (52.2)EDM (34.3)
Illaoi MainsRock (50.3)Metal (39.2)Rap (38.5)
Ms. Fortune MainsRock (54)Rap (42.9)EDM (41.3)
Nautilus MainsRock (50.8)Rap (37.3)EDM (37.3)
Pyke MainsRap (47.7)Rock (46)Metal (30.7)
Twisted Fate MainsRap (48.4)Rock (41.9)EDM (32.3)
Evelynn MainsPop (57.8)K-pop (30.2)J-pop (30.2)
Fiddlesticks MainsRock (50)Metal (50)Rap (40.9)
Nocturne MainsEDM (48.6)Rock (45.9)Classical (32.4)
Shaco MainsRap (48.1)Rock (38.6)Metal (31.7)
Tahm Kench MainsRock (50)Rap (30.9)Lofi (29.4)
Malphite MainsRock (73.3)Metal (56%)Rap (26.7)
Neeko MainsRock (41.4)EDM (37.9)Pop (37.1)
Nidalee MainsRap (55.2)Rock (47.1)Hip-Hop (33.3)
Qiyana MainsPop (50.2)Rap (48)Rock (38.1)
Rengar MainsRap (55.5)Rock (37)Hip-Hop (35.2)
Zyra MainsEDM (46.3)Pop (37)R&B (31.5)
Ashe MainsRock (50.3)EDM (43.3)Pop (38.9)
Anivia MainsRock (46.6)EDM (33.9)Rap (33.9)
Brand MainsRock (47.8)Rap (43)EDM 36.2)
Braum MainsRock (54)Metal (42)Lofi (34)
Lissandra MainsPop (51.6)Rock (34.7)Lofi (31.6)
Nunu & Willump MainsRock (40.4)Rap (35.1)EDM (28.7)
Olaf Mains (Very low sample size)Classical (50)Metal (50)X
Ornn MainsRock (49.3)Metal (36.3)Rap (34.8)
Sejuani MainsRock (50)Rap (42)Metal (22.9)
Trundle MainsRock (48.5)Rap (42.6)Hip-Hop (30.9)
Tryndamere MainsRap (53)Rock (49)Metal (36.8)
Udyr MainsRock (49)Rap (45.2)Hip-Hop (38.5)
Volibear MainsRock (43.8)Rap (40.6)Metal (37.5)
Aatrox MainsMetal (61.8)Rock (59.8)Rap (28.4)
Aurelion Sol MainsEDM (43.5)Video Game Ost (40.9)Lofi (35.2)
Aphelions MainsRock (44.4)Video Game Ost (43.7)Rap (39.8)
Bard MainsLofi (37.1)Rap (30.9)Jazz (27.8)
Diana MainsRap (48.1)Rock (44.3)EDM (39.6)
Leona MainsRock (56.3)Metal (37.8)Lofi (36.3)
Pantheon MainsRock (50)Metal (44.2)Rap (34.6)
Soraka MainsPop (41.8)Rock (41.2)Lofi (33.3)
Taric MainsRock (52.2)Punk Rock (34.4)Pop (34.4)
Zoe MainsVideo Game Ost (56.5)Pop (43.5)J-Pop (41.9)
Cho'gath MainsRock (49)EDM (40.8)Rap (34.7)
Kai'sa MainsRap (47.1)EDM (47.1)Rock (40.9)
Kassadin MainsEDM (39.2)Rap (36.9)Rock (33.8)
Kha'zix MainsRap (46.2)EDM (39.6)Rock (36.3)
Kog'maw MainsRock (41.3)Rap (40)EDM (37.5)
Makzahar MainsRock (41.7)EDM (39.8)Metal (34.3)
Rek'sai MainsRock (42.9)Rap (35.7)Metal (28.6)
Vel'Koz MainsEDM (44.1)Rock (40.4)Rap (33.9)
Amumu MainsRap (44.7)EDM (42.1)Hip-Hop (36.8)
Azir MainsRock (46.9)EDM (37)Metal (29.6)
JaxRock (48.2)Rap (48)Hip-Hop (37.8)
Nasus MainsRock (45.7)Rap (43.5)Metal (32.6)
Rammus MainsRock (44.9)Rap (39.1)Indie Rock (34.8)
Renekton MainsRap (52.5)Rock (44.4)Metal (34.3)
Sivir MainsEDM (52.2)Rock (39.1)Rap (37.7)
Skarner MainsRock (47.6)Metal (40.5)EDM (27.4)
Taliyah MainsRock (46.6)Lofi (34)Pop (34)
Xerath MainsEDM (43.9)Rap (40.4)Lofi (37.7)
Zilean MainsRock (48.6)Rap (35.1)Lofi (32.4)
BANDLE CITY//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Corki MainsRap (50)Rock (46.7)Hip-Hop (40)
Lulu MainsRock (43.1)Pop (41.4)Metal (36.2)
Rumble MainsRock (47.2)Rap (42.4)Hip-Hop (36.8)
Teemo MainsRock (52.8)Rap (44.8)Hip-Hop (36.3)
Tristana MainsRock (48.9)Rap (40)EDM (37.6)
Veigar MainsRock (46.2)EDM (37.9)Metal (30.8)
Yummi MainsPop (43.3)Rock (41.7)Lofi (35.4)

Fun Facts;


Senna mains had the lowest sample size with 0 while Thresh mains has the highest with 894.

Fiddlesticks Mains are the most likely to have a playlist for their main specifically

Mordekaiser mains listen to the most metal with 67% while Malphite mains listen to the most rock with 73%

Targon Mains listen to the most Lofi

Sea shanties was not a category, so 23.2% of the Gangplank mains that answered the survey typed in or linked some sort of sea shanty in the other section

an illaoi main replied with 10 hours of whale noises, which is my favourite unique answer

Because of the INCREDIBLY low sample rate for Olaf mains (2 people) it gives the idea that while charging down the enemy as an unstoppable un-killable angry viking man they are listening to a mix of Classical music and Metal

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