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Revised NA Challenger Thresh Guide by Swifte

LeagueofLegends4 - Revised NA Challenger Thresh Guide by Swifte

Let's Begin

If there is anything in this guide that you are curious about please make sure to ask I will answer everything, I am currently the best and most consistent thresh player in Solo Q.

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  • I ended Challenger 539 LP in S8 with 70% Winrate on Thresh.
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  • My current highest winrate account before the ranked reset.
    userName=MSF+Gorilia - Revised NA Challenger Thresh Guide by Swiftehttps://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=MSF+Gorilia (If you click tier graph you can see how high my LP was before the reset was and the winrate to match it.)

Current State of Thresh

He's fine tbh, requires a lot of mechanics and skill to play and it's extremely easy to notice when you're vs a bad or a good thresh player. His current winrate (only pros) is 57%. His overall winrate is, 49.84%. With his skill and mechanics thresh can be any champion you want. Most of the people that have a hard time playing vs thresh are the ones that cannot dodge skillshots or work around his laning phase.


Alright so you wanna play thresh. Thresh doesn't currently have a diverse starting items list considering the recent butchering and indirect nerfs to relic shield for Thresh, but here's what i'd start with.

  • Ancient Coin – Ancient coin is probably THE BEST POSSIBLE STARTING ITEM at the moment for thresh, considering you are able to get your sightstone on time with other supports that have spelltheifs, although you lose the 50 HP from Relic shield there's a replacement i'll be talking about down below. Average time for sightstone is around 6-10 Minutes, give or take on how ahead you are in the game.
  • Relic Shield: YES , it is still possible to start with relic shield, the item is not completely useless. The in-lane sustainthat relic shield provides + the extra tankiness that it gives you are EXTREMELY helpful. Average sightstone time for Relic Shield is about 14-15 minutes depending on your usage of Relic Shield in lane. There isn't too much to say about Relic shield. *Situations I'd take Relic Shield over coin is the extra tankiness that you get early on HEAVY trading lanes* I'd recommend taking Demat if you're going Relic as well since they synergize insanely well together for securing cannons to stack your Relic quest.


Builds + Runes

The highest request from people that talk to me is what to build and what to take on runes. Here are the MOST VIABLErune choices.

  • Basic: (Aftershock + Inspiration): This setup is what I currently run (almost every game) These runes are the best rune setup that you can take from every individual tree. The option to swap Demolish for Font of Life is there as well.
  • 1e93ab840d22ad9e975c87e532b39d0e - Revised NA Challenger Thresh Guide by Swifte
    Basic v2: (Guardian + Inspiration): This is the second setup that I would recommend if you find you rarely ever use aftershock. Guardian and Aftershock are the only current runes that I would recommend. If you want to you can swap out Demat for Biscuits but I strongly recommend this if you're vs a melee support and you're not confident playing vs melee supports. Such as Braum/Tahm/Alistar/Galio.
  • Mini Runes: Taking Attack Speed + Adaptive + Armor is the best possible option for thresh, I've done my testing and tried to do double adaptive + armor and haven't found the benefits of it compared to Attack Speed + Adaptive. For those asking about the CDR rune, I think it's the worst rune in the Tree for support because every item that you buy will give enough or MORE than enough CDR for 45% if you have Cosmic Insight and 40% without it. The explanation for the Armor rune instead of the HP rune is 15 HP level 1 is just not enough compared to 6 Armor at level for trading between laners.

BUILDS: Alright let's talk about Thresh for a second. The main job of Thresh is to be an engage-peel tool. Doing one of the two is possible but playing both is recommended. That being said, let's talk about items.

  • Default Build: Support Item 2nd Upgrade -> Mobility Boots -> Zekes/Locket/Redemption -> Upgrade Support Item -> Locket/Redemption -> Knight's Vow –> Shurelya's , This end game build will give you a total of 3,300~ HP and running out of mana is no longer an option. Swapping out items for substitutes such as Mikaels for high CC teams is always fine. I'd recommend swapping out Shurelya's for Mikaels if you want to get a Mikaels, because Mikaels will MASSIVELY increase Redemption's healing.
  • AD Focused Team: Support Item 2nd Upgrade -> Mobility Boots ->Upgrade Support Item -> Zeke's/Locket -> Redemption -> Knight's Vow -> Randuins/Frozen Heart

Item Explanations

  • Boot Choices: – With the change of Ancient Coin giving flat movement speed your boot choices have been expanded due to the movement speed.
  • Mobility Boots: These boots are the core of thresh, the boots do everything for you, Mobi's help you roam and help you get to an area quicker or a fight quicker. BUT BEWARE they are extremely easy for the enemy team to abuse considering you only have to be hit by 1 ability or auto attack for the movement speed to drop.
  • Swifte Boots:( ᵖˡˢ ᵈᵒⁿᵗ ᵐᵃᵏᵉ ᶠᵘⁿ ᵒᶠ ᵐᵉ ) Swiftness boots used to be the most bought boots because of the +65 movement speed they used to give but currently buying swiftness boots are very situational now, the only times that you need to buy swiftness boots are because of the intense amount of slows that the enemy teams have. (Ex. Braum, Tahm Kench) you get the point.
  • Ninja Tabi's: Buying Ninja Tabi's vs an all AD team is extremely good considering they still give 12% dmg reduction on auto attacks, getting this vs a Draven or Lucian is still very good with coin because all the movement speed you lose is given back to you at a reasonable amount.
  • Lucidity Boots: CDR boots I have a hate love relationship with, they're really good but really situational considering all of the other boots that you can buy. I currently only buy CDR boots if the next drake is a Cloud Drake because of the immense movement speed Cloud drake gives now. But pairing this with the Advanced thresh runes and you'll have 30% CDR on Summoner Spells. This is recommended if you have to have exhaust up CONSTANTLY.
  • Merc Treads: Merc Treads are a good option if the CC on the other team is extremely annoying or LASTS a really long time, (Ex. Morgana Bind/Stuns), Pairing this with Unflinching you'll have an immense amount of Tenacity and stuns/slows etc, won't last that long on you. The +25 MR is really good as well vs AP heavy teams.


Let's Talk Matchups

  • Alistar:Ranged vs Melee Matchup. Abuse Pre 3 and bait out combos from him to lure the enemy ad into thinking he's taking a good trade. Abusing before Alistar hits level 2 to combo is Very recommended. Learning to flay Alistar combo is also really good. Tells for an alistar about to combo are very simple, they start walking towards you and ignore everything. Those things included are, dodging skillshots and avoiding creep dmg. Another thing to watch out for is being near minions because Alistars are able to abuse the AOE knockup of their Q's. During the Late game baiting out Alistar ultimate is key if you want to successfully win fights correct.
  • Bard: This matchup is definitely a skill matchup, why?, there are many ways for bard to win this. If you're playing the lane correctly as thresh the bard should be at least at 5 deaths give or take. Things to watch out for is stacking on top of your Lantern when you throw it to your AD and they take it, because it'll set you up for a stun/bard ult. Learning to abuse bard and poke him out before he has time to sustain is KEY in this matchup. If you can force the bard to portal away, thresh has 2 abilities that are able to drag him out of said portal.
  • Brand: Brand's poke is REALLY high and brand is basically a soft-counter to thresh without many thresh players knowing it. The correct way to play vs a brand is learning to avoid his poke in lane and I might be over exaggerating but dodging poke is the only way to win the lane safely without risking any deaths. If you're able to dodge the stun combo from brand (E+Q), All inning is recommended at that point. Most brands will only go in if they're able to hit a stun and follow up with the W.
  • Braum: Technically This is a ranged vs melee matchup considering thresh's odd features that he has. But playing vs Braum is extremely simple and it's to add 3 points to your Flay. The reasoning behind this is braum is unable to block your flay damage and the soul purpose of braum shield is to block projectiles and all dmg from your ADC. I would recommend 3 Points Flay then Max Hook then Lantern. Unflinching helps a LARGE amount with this matchup because of the reduced stun time it gives you with the tenacity and slow resistance.
  • Blitzcrank: Alright alright… Hook is the CORE kit of this champion. The soul purpose of Blitz is to hook and kill. Taking Aftershock in this matchup is highly recommended considering levels 1-2 you will be stronger. If possible you can bait out Blitz hook and have him hook you, as Blitz hooks you, you'll be given the ability to Flay the ADC and Support towards your AD and take a good trade, the aftershock proc helps you stay alive during the fight as well. The whole purpose of blitz is to make picks, if you're able to ward correctly and assist your team with his roams, the game should be a breeze for you.
  • Galio: Playing vs Galio can be tricky if you're not alert enough to flay his E and space away from his Taunt+Knockup combo. If you're successful in auto harrassing + flaying his E before he's able to go in, you win the all-in. If you DO get knocked up and into a full rotation combo from galio the best possible thing you could do is proc aftershock before it happens so it reduces the amount of burst that they do to you.
  • Janna: Due to Janna's previous W damage nerf and movement speed it makes it a lot easier to punish her if she walks up to W you for poke. If you notice the Janna walking up for a W, walking towards her for a flay will be the BEST possible thing for you to do. Most Janna's will be maxing W so if you play fights correctly and punish her when her shield is on cooldown since her shield is a really HIGH cooldown at levels 3-6. Learning to punish Janna and save your Hook for when she ults is a *recommended option as well. But if you're hooking her in the first place, she should have no room to ult late game and have a hard time laning/playing late game vs you.
  • Lulu: Lulu is sort of a difficult lane to manage vs because of her high damage early game and her ever-lasting shield on allies/herself. Learning to play around her cooldown are the best ways to punish Lulu. Although her high damage output and abilities, she's EXTREMELY squishy and is easy to punish. Through levels 1-3 if you have an opportunity to hook the Lulu and punish her for trading with you/or the adc, you'll have an easy time in this lane.
  • Leona: Learning to play versus leona is simple. All in when she has no cooldowns and play safe when she does. You NEVER want to start the fight first versus the leona unless you're a little bit ahead. Even then if you're ahead you still have a chance of losing by a large margin. Flaying Leona's E is possible but it matters very little now with Leona's kit update.
  • Nami: Considering everyone picks her into thresh because they think its a counter lane, it really isn't. Although nami has high sustain in lane along with poke, Constantly fighting Nami to make sure she doesn't out-heal your poke/fights in time. Things to watchout for are when your teammates are taking lantern, they can be interrupted with Nami R+Q. A simple E+Q combo onto nami should lock her down and make her easy to burst and kill safely.
  • Pyke: The pyke matchup is beyond easy to play. It requires mechanics and reaction time to flay his hook animation as soon as he starts it, it can either go really bad or really good. If you miss time your flay and he still gets his hook off and proc's his aftershock you have a strong chance of losing the fight. But if you're successful on flaying the hook animation most Pyke players will attempt to dash away, you can either try to hook the dash or go for his AD.
  • Rakan: With the most recent patch rakan has regained some mobility into his R+W combo but it's still slow as a snail and you're able to flay the W if you know it's coming. This is a thresh favored matchup. Depending on if you're able to play aggro enough early game you should be fine with laning. Going even or getting ahead vs Rakan is really good.
  • Sona: Sona has an EXTREMELY difficult time laning vs thresh, why?, Sona is probably the squishiest support in the game. Learning how to punish Sona when she walks up for her Q poke is crucial considering her immobility without her E. If you're laning vs a Sona, snowball potential is high early game. But if you make it to late game, she will be outscaling you due to her item builds. Additional things to watch out for are throwing lanterns to your teammate when she has her ultimate , although it might seem like a get out of free card for your ADC taking that lantern. You're only baiting yourself+adc to die with Sona's Ult being up.
  • Soraka: Soraka's ability to play Aggressive and Passive is strong, due to her strong damage on her Q, learning to poke and then avoid her Q is the best possible way to play the lane. Fighting when your Ignite is up is the safest way to secure kills considering the healing will be decreased from grievous wounds . Playing late game vs Soraka is a little tricky because of her ability to have a Silence + Slow on demand. If your team is able to build grievous wounds by the late game.
  • Tahm Kench: Alright, Tahm Kench is an extremely boring lane but can also be a very fun lane for you, I recommend taking Guardian vs this matchup because aftershock won't be as useful vs tahm. The easy way to abuse tahm kench is to get a hook on their AD and bait out the Tahm Kench Devour and then to all in again when your hook comes back up .
  • Taric: Taric's early game is insanely weak but his late game potential to carry teamfights is REALLY high. Playing around Taric's cooldowns is extremely tricky as well, because once you start an all-in, Taric sticks to your ADC like molasses. Bullying the Taric before he's able to have any reaction to it during levels 1-3 is your best possible chance to win the lane. During the late-game, taric has the ability to win teamfights with his ults
  • Zilean: Zileans are occasionally hard to lane versus considering their safe double bomb spamming, But if you're able to dodge the double bombs early on and punish the zilean for walking up for bombs with your flay , winning lane won't be hard. CONSIDERING you've made it to late game without dying an immense amount and the game is even, forcing out zilean ult before teamfights or even going for picks is a really good option and I highly recommend doing this before any fights.
  • Morgana: Morgana is the bread and butter of counters, this is probably the hardest lane, and if you're able to master this lane, every matchup will be easy for you. Learning to correctly bait morgana's black shield and THEN go for an engage is the correct way to fight. My answer to this is, Throw out a hook and make sure it hits either her or the ADC and then back off, UNLESS it's a 100% guaranteed kill on the Morgana when you hook her in the early levels 1-3. During the late game baiting black shield can be tricky considering the 9 second cooldown with 40% CDR. Again, Bait and Back and then re-engage because her black shield cooldown at rank 1 is a 23 second cooldown.
  • Zyra: Playing vs Zyra is plain and simple baiting the snare before going for an all in. *OR, Destroy all the plants that she has and deplete all of her plant charges in the W ability. Zyra is a fairly squishy champion so if you're able to jump her in the Fog of War before she notices it'll be a really easy all in for you. Same thing goes for your teammate taking a lanternbe careful not to bait your teammate into a Zyra snare into Ult combo.



Q – Death Sentence: This ability is your love. NOT THE CORE OF THE CHAMPION, but this is the closest you'll come to having true love. Death Sentence is a wind up ability that throws a hook and stuns the target, on top of that, you'll be able to reactivate the ability and go to the hooked target. Learning to predict an enemies movement and pinpoint the exact location they'll be at is the CORE of learning how to play Thresh.

W – Dark Passage aka Lantern: Learning to play around your lantern cooldown is key, this ability has saved an immense amount of lives, along with saving lives and having the ability to have an ally travel to your location. The ability also SHIELDSthe target closest to the lantern.

E – The Flay: Ah yes, the notorious flay ability. This ability has the possibilities to cancel DASHES and probably be the best ability to play around with. Flay has an amazing passive that gives you magic damage on hit when you charge it up. Including the active which applies more magic damage and displaces the enemy(s) hit with it.

R – The Box: The Box is probably the hardest ability to manage in Thresh's kit. The reasoning why is because this ability can be used for engage or disengage but mainly engage. Getting a good Q + E + R combo guarantees that the target will either have to break the walls of the box and then get slowed for 99% or option two which is to flash or blink out of the box.

What do I Max?

Generally early game skill order goes as follows.

  • E –> Q –> W

If you're invading of course, waiting before the last possible second of seeing the enemy you want to hook to level the ability is the best option I can give anyone that plays thresh.

Recommended: for beginner Thresh players, maxing your abilities in these order are the best thing to do. This ability route is the easiest to master and play around with when you're comfortable.**

  • 3 Points in E –> Q Max –> W Max.

ADVANCED: For the EXPERT Thresh player, there are two ability routes that are the MOST common that I still do. That ability max goes as follows.

  • 3 Points in E –> Q Max –> W Max.
  • 1 Point E –> Q Max –> W Max — Finish E Max

These are the most viable options for ability maxing. There are some rare opportunities that you can do 3 Points E –> 2 Points W and then Max Hook. But i'm still testing this method. ( I only use it when I'm ahead.)

Movement Prediction

Alright we've all seen the fancy as hell hooks that make you just go "wow I wanna do that. Learning to predict an enemies movement is the best feeling ever depending on ELO . I'll try my best to cover every single champion in the game that has a dash that Thresh can cancel/interrupt. As I cannot list every single champion here's a

on that.
  • Kai'Sa: Believe it or not, Kai'Sa's ultimate is actually a dash and not a teleport, when she's flying through mid air you are able to Hook her and drag her out of the Ultimate.

Predicting Movement: HIGH ELO vs LOW ELO

LOW ELO: Predicting an enemies movement is the most satisfying thing possible, in low elo predicting dashes and enemies abilities is more prominent than in high elo , Low elo players are most likely to go for the quick escape route instead of seeing where your Death Sentence is going to go.

HIGH ELO: High Elo players for example, let's use Doublelift. Doublelift will sit and fight it out till they see the ability and the location that the ability is traveling in order to correctly find the direction that the ability is going to go. I can't explain every single aspect of predicting an enemies movement because I could write a 5000 word essay on that. But this is the best I can do for you guys, learning to deny VISION. Denying vision as Thresh is HOW YOU PLAY HIM. PINK WARDS !!!. These guys are your best friends. Learning how to always have a stock of 2-3 Pink Wards in your inventory is KEY!!!

Meta 9.7 ADC Synergy

As requested I am doing ADC Synergies and how each one works with thresh and which one is the stronger pick. Although Thresh is good with EVERY ADC I'll pin-point the ones for easy games.

  • Caitlyn: Caitlyn aside from maybe Xayah and Jhin is the strongest bully lane in the ENTIRE GAME. No joke, this is the most punishing and brutal lane possible. The combo goes simple Hook or Flay into Caitlyn Trap and proceed to all in. A good caitlyn will trap on the spot when you hook but if your Caitlyn isn't too confident you can ask for traps on the ground ahead of time.
  • Jhin: Second most punishing lane is Jhin + Thresh, Why?. Simple, Hook into Jhin W and then proceed to all in with Flay etc Jhin and Thresh can be the most aggressive lane or the most passive lane and go even.
  • Ezreal: My least favorite lane in the game because of how safe ezreal's play in low elo, but considering I'm playing with a High elo ezreal. The ezreal's job is to poke down the enemy laners and then it's up to you to all in and catch out a target to have a safe and easy all in because if you consider ezreals damage to other adcs. It's significantly lower than others
  • Xayah: Alright this lane is probably the most noob friendly for Thresh. The reason behind that is because Xayahhas a snare with 3 feathers + follow up cc with thresh is the EASIEST way to abuse an ADC and Support combo. Learning to play around Xayah's Feathers is the BEST way to win 2v2's bot lane with Xayah.
  • Varus: Thresh is INCREDIBLY good with Follow-up CC , Varus's ult makes it easy for thresh to hit his hook or to walk up and flay for an ALL IN. With the recent changes to Varus's builds, Varus will have ult extremely often with the new way he's building making it easy for Thresh and Varus to have an easy laning phase. Learning to kite around with Varus's Epool and playing around his Ult cooldown is the best way to lane with Varus.
  • Tristana: Laning with Tristana is very simple, Hook into Tristana Jump and then proceed to all in. Playing around Tristana's E Cooldown is essential in this lane. Tristana has one of the strongest all ins in the game so abusing it with Thresh is basically playing a free lane.
  • Kai'Sa: Laning with Kai'sa is super simple. Land a hook and she chains her W + Q with you (considering you hit flay as well). If Kai'sa + you are manage to get the full burst combo off the chances of the target that you hooked living is incredibly low.
  • Vayne: The highest mechanical champion + the flashiest champ to play with thresh. I can't count the number of times I've 2v8'd with Gosu cause of how good on vayne he is. There's not much to explain in this Duo bot together because that requires the Vayne to be sufficient at the champion first.
  • Draven: Idk what else to say run them down and kill them?

I appreciate the love from everyone and I've fully moved over to a full-time streamer and have taken a break from Professional play. I've joined Spire Management as a Full-Time streamer and they'll help me transfer over from being a Pro-player to being a personality and a streamer.

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