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Ridiculous Skin Marketing In Vietnam Server

LeagueofLegends5 - Ridiculous Skin Marketing In Vietnam Server

First of all, I am a Vietnamese player whose has played League of Legends since Season 2. In this country Garena takes charge of maintaining servers and selling skins/creating tournaments. The skin price ratio was not a problem before, so why i'm complaining? It all began with Garena greed and narrow-minded Vietnamese players which led to this state of the server.

In Vietnam you can have a nice meal with 2$ (i am not even kidding) and our average salary income in Vietnam is about 250$-350$ or even lower. So the skin prices before the "big change" was very cheap and accessible for everyone with an average income. Notice that we have different RP ratio in Vietnam server:

– 149 RP for a 750 RP skin (cost 1.75$)

– 199 RP for a 975 RP skin (cost 2.5$)

– 299 RP for a 1350 RP skin (cost 3.75$)

– 399 RP for a 1820 RP skin (cost 5$)

– 799 RP for an Ultimate skin (cost 10$)

What to complain if they just kept this skin ratio, right? Even back then Garena was very likeable as they kept giving us alot of free skins and sale bundles. However, things changed. A VN Riot Employee took part in making Radiant Wukong skin wants to make the skin special because Wukong was a popular champion in Vietnam so instead of making it "special" like he promised, he boosted the skin price to 599 RP (higher than a Legendary in Vietnam) and 2 other Lunar Revel skins for Morgana and Caitlyn. This made us outraged toward this greedy, backstab decision of Garena and we riot (no pun intended here) to give the old price back. So what did they do? They changed the WHOLE skin ratio without saying anything and banned us from replying to it. Here's the skin ratio after the "big change":

– There's no more stable prices for any skins. The prices will be weirdly bumped up based on the champion popularity. Ex: Riven, Yasuo, Jhin, Teemo, Zed skins will always at high prices than others.

– Some Epic skins are now only obtainable if you invest your money on their random events (not official from Riot) and each costs you more than 25$ to get a skin you need. After the event they won't open it in store but marked it as a event skins.


– There ALOT of different skin ratios which have weird prices now:

+ 150 RP for the lowest (now cost 3.5$)

+ 180 RP for some previous 199 RP skins of unpopular champions (cost 4.5$)

+ 210 RP for some previous 199 RP skins of popular champions (cost 5$)

+ 250 RP for new 199 RP skins released after the "big change" (cost 6$)

+ 290 RP for some previous 299 RP skins of unpopular champions (cost 7.5$)

+ 310 RP for some previous 299 RP skins of popular champions (cost 7.75$)

+ 369 RP for some previous 399 RP skins of unpopular champions (cost 9.25$)

+ 396 RP for some previous 399 RP skins of popular champions (cost 10$)

+ Ultimate skin will stay at 799 RP but costs 20$ (double the price).

+ PROJECTS, Star Guardian, Omega Squad skin lines automatically changed to legendary skins, 369 RP for epic and 396 RP for legendary now.

+ Popular champions skin now only cost 369 RP or higher. No more 250 RP skins after July 2017.

+ MANY Epic skins are now Legendary skins for no reasons at ALL.

+ Popular Legendary skins price after PROJECT: Vayne now costs 599 RP (15$)

+ Elementalist Lux cost 999 RP for no freaking reasons (25$)

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Notice Legendary Skin number is 129. While real Legendary skin number is only about 50

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Can't buy it because it can only be obtained from their exclusive events

I hope i covered it up for you guys. My account has over 360 skins as i really love playing this game but to have a skin for my favorite champ i have to sacrifice 6-10 meals it just doesn't worth it anymore.

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