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Ridiculousness of AP supports.

LeagueofLegends10 - Ridiculousness of AP supports.

Im getting real sick of this damage that AP supports like brand and Zyra do, have you guys ever had a game where AP "Support" brand doesn't do most damage in the game? Laning against brand is already very hard because he outranges basically every ADC and on top of that they never run out of mana, remember when you had to carefully choose when to poke so you won't run out of mana? Well not anymore, just spam your abilities randomly and if you hit 1 or 2 out of 10 you still win because of the damage it does, no wonder ADC's are weak right now, not just because of Crit nerfs but also because mages are so strong right now. And if you say "oh just punish him he is very squishy and weak", yeah in soloqueue with random teammates that you have no synergy with you most likely end up killing all of your team by jumping on brand and brand pressing R and doing like 4500 damage with his ult bounces and passive + liandry. And some people might say just don't let brand get fed but its solo queue and people trade back and forth and you know how easy it is to get kills on brand, even if brand doesnt get 10 kills he will still eventually get enough money for Liandrys because of the support gold income, almost feels like there should be 2 supports in botlane and fu*k farm because supports end up having same gold anyways lol.


I feel like even if they did revert Crit changes it wouldn't change shit, ADC's would stilll be as useless as they are right now because of AP damage in the game, infinite manapool, outranging ADC's, having cc etc, ADC is just too risky role to play, you literally can't fu*k up at all, one miss step and you are dead meanwhile brand gets caught and comes back with triple kill because people jump on him. At this point i just can't handle this shit anymore. I love this game but i hate playing it.

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is League going to this direction to be more appealing in Lol eSports? no wards, insane damages, time to kill so low etc?

TL;DR: Game has too much damage, infinite manapool, insane scaling per lvl (besides ADC ofc), supports have way too much gold income.

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