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Riot Blaustoise’s Data Tweets About ASol & Riven

LeagueofLegends10 - Riot Blaustoise's Data Tweets About ASol & Riven

Since there was another big thread about ASol and Riven, I thought showing Riot Blaustoise's data tweets would be good.

Tweet 1 https://twitter.com/RiotBlaustoise/status/1105548661214179328?s=20

DATA TWEET RE ASol vs Riven: In response to some of the threads and discussion (also followup to points


made) I just wanted to clarify something around Riven vs Asol. This is NOT about whether we should/should not nerf Riven or should/should not have nerfed Asol

Tweet 2 https://twitter.com/RiotBlaustoise/status/1105548661776236544?s=20

Specifically I want to address the misconception about playrate. When we see a raw playrate % as high as Riven's, and one as low as Asol's with those winrates, our default assumption is: "Asol mains are playing him, but anyone and everyone can jump on riven and find success"

Tweet 3 https://twitter.com/RiotBlaustoise/status/1105548662350856192?s=20

This is like saying that 5 players play Asol with an average of 100 games, and 500 players play riven with only an average of 10 games… or maybe 50 games even! But what it's closer to 500 riven players playing an avg 100 games??? What if more people just main riven?

Tweet 4 https://twitter.com/RiotBlaustoise/status/1105548662917099520?s=20

Here's the breadth vs depth chart with a few champions highlighted. X axis is breadth (how many players play a champ) and Y axix is depth (how many games they play champ). watch what happens to some of the popular champs when we add a min depth filter… (patch 8.24-9.4)

Tweet 5 https://twitter.com/RiotBlaustoise/status/1105548664720654337?s=20

When we add a minimum depth filter (in this case, 5 games), we cut out a lot of the riffraff of players only casually playing those champions. Notice how our other popular champions immediately fall in depth, whereas Riven stays both consistent in breadth AND depth.


Tweet 6 https://twitter.com/RiotBlaustoise/status/1105548666247372800?s=20

So this argument does NOT apply to all popular champions. Yasuo, Ezreal in particular drop a lot in depth, and certainly have a bunch of people just trying them.

Tweet 7 https://twitter.com/RiotBlaustoise/status/1105548666784215040?s=20

Could this phenomenon be changing in recent patches for Riven? Could she be too strong and now a bunch of inexperienced players are finding success on her while the one-tricks are crushing on her? Absolutely, and the data may reflect this, but it's tough with sample currently…

Tweet 8 https://twitter.com/RiotBlaustoise/status/1105548667392417792?s=20

Example of this… is the mastery curves for Riven and ASol, plat+ elo, from January to March of 2019. Part of the reason I can even look at Riven's mastery curve and have confidence with what I'm looking at for those filters is BECAUSE so many players have 100+ games on her.

Tweet 9 https://twitter.com/RiotBlaustoise/status/1105548668612931584?s=20

As we've discussed before, that "wobble" effect that you see for Asol is inadequate sample size of players with 70, 80, 90 games on the champion in those few months.

Tweet 10 https://twitter.com/RiotBlaustoise/status/1105548669212749826?s=20

PLEASE READ THIS LAST TWEET BEFORE FLAMING This is NOT about whether we should/should not nerf riven. I just want to discuss some misconceptions around playrate. ALSO keep you eyes out for


's followup on Riven specifically, as he has some even SPICIER data to share.

Edit: thank you for the Reddit platinum friend! I may not be plat in league, but I guess I can get it on Reddit!

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