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Riot Blaustoise’s thoughts on how the Ranked ladder should be like

LeagueofLegends4 - Riot Blaustoise's thoughts on how the Ranked ladder should be like


📊Ranked Distribution Data Chat 📈

Say we're designing a ranked ladder, and we want to create a competitive system, but not too "gate-keepy" & restrictive.

Let's also consider the Spongebob episode with the Salty Spitoon and Weenie Hut Jr to frame our prospective systems:


Short version is the Spitoon may be too gatekeep-y and the Weenie Hut is too soft and generous.

But how do these theoretical distributions compare to the ranked distributions of @LeagueOfLegends, @PlayOverwatch, and @DOTA2 ?

(data is PUBLIC from https://www.esportstales.com)


LoL is BY FAR the most salty & Spitoon-y. S9 is CLEARLY an improvement on… whatever was going on in S8. But LoL still looks rough.

OW is closest to Weenie Hut, but it's mostly normal, whereas Dota 2 (with Ancient = Diamond) is closest to our "goldilocks" distribution.


Now if we consider that Divine = Diamond, Dota starts to look more like the Salty Spitoon, but it's also just a weird framing of their distribution… Herald (at the bottom) has no equivalent tier in LoL, AND both Herald and Guardian would have no equivalents in OW.


"But Blaustoise, Divine IS the Diamond of Dota 2"

And that's our problem. Perception and framing of ranks. Someone in my chat said "Diamond is supposed to be the best of the best" What does that make masters? The best of the best of the best? and Grandmasters? and Challenger?



My suggestions for LoL's ranked distribution:

  • More players shifted from bronze/silver into gold/platinum

  • Diamond becomes a real "major division" with 5-8% of the top players, instead of an "elite division" (even makes sense thematically as we go from metals to "masters").


Lastly for elite divisions:

  • Masters becomes a clean 1%

  • Upon reaching masters, your RAW RANK is displayed (i.e. rank 2534 masters NA) similar to @PlayHearthstone.

  • Grandmasters is more exclusive at the top 0.1% (around what masters+ is now)

  • Challenger stays as a set #.



  • make LoL less gate-keepy,

  • center the distribution around gold

  • make Diamond a major division so more players can feel good about being at the "top" without being "elite"

  • Provide more transparency + competition to elite players

Let me know your thoughts!


TO CLARIFY, This does NOT effect matchmaking. MMR is different than RANK.

Also with a distinction of 99% of players in "normal" divisions, we could give the elite 1% a more unique matchmaking experience. Longer queue times for increased quality, reduced autofill, etc.

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