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Riot dispels rumor that new champions make more money than VGUs

LeagueofLegends8 - Riot dispels rumor that new champions make more money than VGUs

The past few days there have been a few posts discussing how we would only have Mundo rework this year and how disappointing that is. One of the common points of discussion has been that new champions generate more money than VGUs. People on both sides, those defending Riot and those criticizing Riot, used this as an excuse for why Riot prioritizes new champions over VGUs. Today Riot Reav3 confirmed the reason why new champions like Viego weren't delayed by Covid yet VGUs were. More interestingly though was his comments about VGUs and community sentiment:


I'm not sure where this perception that Champs make so much more then VGUs came from. Some VGUS have made more money then new champs,(especially ones with big skin catalogs that get updated with the VGU) some niche champs make much less then the base line VGU makes. Also, after we VGU a champ we can still make skins for it, just like a new champ. At the end of the day it doesn't matter though. The Champions Team is part of the Gameplay initiative at Riot, whos main goal is engagement not revenue. Skins in general make waaaay more then any new champion ever makes, and it's not really a goal for the Champions team to make revenue. Our main goal is engagement, which is to say we want to make products that keep people playing LoL. One of the reasons we toned down VGUs was that we saw data that showed that whenever we do a VGU some amount of players quite the game completely, usually mains of the champ that don't like the rework. If we do A LOT of VGUs in a year like we did in the past, we actually start actively going against the main goal of champs team which is engagement since we would see less engagement with the game as a result of many players quitting due to the VGUs. Actually a couple years back when we did a lot of VGUS (and the class updates) we saw in player surveys at the time a pretty big upswing in players upset that we were changing way to much, way to fast that season. This has since come down a lot since we cut class updates and reduced VGUs. Now like I have mentioned in the past, we still want to do VGUs as we believe in the longevity of LoL and part of that is making sure the game feels modern and up to date, which means updating old champs that don't feel that way, but I dont think just saying "all players want vgu's" is a accurate statement, at least not according to real data we have from player surveys.

This comment addresses many of the common talking points that have been thrown around on the sub lately so I'd love to hear what the community thinks on this. After every VGU we always get mixed sentiment on the sub from players who love the update and players who hate it. Even the more generally subreddit accepted reworks like Warwick, Fiddlesticks, Mordekaiser, Urgot, etc have had campaigns against them to try and get a revert.

Whats your thoughts? Should Riot prioritizes VGUs again even if it causes long time players to leave the game for good? Is Riot just playing it safe making new champions instead of reworking old ones (looking at you Seraphine) since so many players always say "Why does Riot have to delete my main rather than just making a new champion"?

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