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Riot disregards continuous feedback, making the EU Masters Play-In Stage a horrible viewing experience

LeagueofLegends3 - Riot disregards continuous feedback, making the EU Masters Play-In Stage a horrible viewing experience

TL;DR 1. No English broadcast, co-streaming not allowed for anyone 2. Extremely messy to try and keep track of scores and livestreams 3. Unnecessarily condensed schedule (minimum of 56 games in 3 days)

If you are one of the lucky fans of the EU Masters, who have the opportunity to tune into one of the many different language streams, then the title of this post may seem odd to you, as you won't have run into the same barrier of entry as others.

As for the addressing the issues that the title suggests, Riot disregarding continuous community feedback regarding the EU Masters event. I will try to keep it short.

  1. There is no official or unoffical English broadcast of the EU Masters play-in stage (aswell as all co-streaming is not allowed)

As the point suggests and as mentioned in the intro. It seems so illogical in the european market, as well as Riot being an american company, that there is not a single way to watch any English-spoken broadcasts of the 56+ games played during the Play-In stage. Being one of those viewers who can not tune into one of the local broadcasts, only being fluent in Danish & English, it becomes a lot harder to follow the actual progression of the tournament. The reason I bring this point up first, is that Riot got flag from the English-speaking community for making the same mistake at the LAST event.

  1. There is no single structured platform on which to follow the results of the tournament, which broadcasts stream what games etc.

While Lolesports does have an EU Masters tag on their website. It comes off quite dissapointing that the official EU Masters Twitter account, does not even post live results or links to broadcast of official matches. If Riot was worried with that resulting in spamming the feed too much, then why does there not exist a secondary account with that purpose? Or a subpage on the Lolesports.com website, solely dedicated to the event?

  1. All of play-ins are squashed into 3 days of play, even though the Main Stage event, doesn't start for until 14 days after it is concluded.

I can not imagine how stressful it must be as a player to know that if you have a bad day or two, your whole season can be ruined, simply due to the fact that all of your 8-14 matches are narrowed down to 3 days, rather than extending the amount of play days, seperating the groups and total broadcast hours / prep time. As for this particular problem, I don't understand why Riot has not simply implemented the same group system they use during the Groups at Worlds.

These are the main frustrations I have been able to see, closely following both the player and community perspective around the case of how slowly the EU Masters seem to be evolving or responding to feedback around their event.

The fact that both former LEC staff and broadcast talent, aswell as CURRENT broadcast talent all seem to have the same opinion is baffling to me.

Peter Dun (former coach in EU, currently at Evil Geniusses), Froskurinn (former LPL/LEC broadcast talent) & Medic (current LEC broadcast talent) all commenting on the lack of a English broadcast: https://twitter.com/pcdv8r/status/1376977447149707269

As for the blame going towards Dreamhack and the NLC for priotizing the UK 2nd division relegations, no public info has been stated around whether that was their choice or not.

What do you guys think?

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