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Riot has at least five things they can monetize, and I’d gladly purchase all five.

LeagueofLegends6 - Riot has at least five things they can monetize, and I'd gladly purchase all five.
  1. Custom Announcer packs, like the ones with Pyke/GP/
  2. In-Game Finishers (like the ones you get right now for what faction you picked, ex. Warband/Council)
  3. Spawn Ceremonies
  4. In-game music on loop (ex. Aurelion Sol's theme, but it plays for the entire match)
  5. A better client Champion-centered IRL merchandise (like a Kai'Sa hat, T-Shirt…you get the idea)

Yeah yeah, I know – giving Riot your money in 2019 and all. But being serious I do want each of these things as a purchasable option for their own reason, and I don't feel like anyone would be missing out if these were added in the long term.

Announcer Packs:

This is a no-brainer. Reception to custom Announcer packs (Ahri, GP, Pyke etc.) has been good enough where I believe that people would genuinely buy these as a toggleable option if they could. I mean, personally I'd love to swap out the same old VO for GP's lines, or better yet

It's just a fun and refreshing way to change things up, and I think it'd be highly appreciated by the community.

In-Game Finishers & Spawn Ceremonies:

These have popped up more recently with Nexus Blitz, URF & now Trials but I believe that both of these features add in a similar refreshing element to games that emotes do, fun things that show you go the extra mile to make yourself stand out among the rest (especially in terms of tilting people however you please). I mean, what's to say other than that? Spawn Ceremonies are neat, In-Game Finishers are practically bonus emotes & being able to customize your experience more to tailor it to however you see fit…why not? Granted, people would be able to toggle these on/off like emotes if they dislike them.


In-Game Music:

Oh boy, if there's something I've picked up over the years its that people LOVE the music that comes from Riot be it for a champ release, an event or what have you. Now imagine if you could pick any song you liked made by Riot and replaced it with the same old theme in-game! It probably wouldn't be as popular as Finishers, Spawn Ceremonies or Announcer Packs but I still feel like it'd be a neat thing to have, especially for people who love a certain track and just LOVE playing it while in-game.

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Better Riot Merch:

Last, another no-brainer: Compared to Blizzard, Riot doesn't provide nearly as much merch or focus as well on its quality (see the Xayah/Rakan bracelet mishap). Personally I dislike this, and would gladly buy some merch to represent my favorite champ if Riot was willing to invest more into this type of merchandise. I really want to be able to tell people I like League, and that more specifically I like a certain champ because they're cool and I love maining them. That isn't a possibility at the moment, and I'd love to see merch expanded outwards in the future.

What do you guys think? Would you buy any of this stuff it it became available, why/why not? I would at least get myself a Kai'Sa hat and In-Game Finisher if I could, but that's just me.

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