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Riot kr has started investigations into the cvmaxs reveal about grf-kanavi-jdg contract

LeagueofLegends8 - Riot kr has started investigations into the cvmaxs reveal about grf-kanavi-jdg contract


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Writing my deleted post as comment

CvMax has revealed that Griffin manipulated Kanavi into signing an unfair contract with LPL pro team JD Gaming. The situation was as follows.

  1. Griffin originally loaned their sub-jungler Kanavi to JD Gaming, without CvMax's approval. CvMax relinquished any authority he had over the sub players and trainees in protest of this decision.
  2. While Kanavi was on break in Korea, he received a text from JD Gaming, where they requested that Kanavi sign with them with a salary of 200 million KRW (around 170k USD), offering to pay 1 billion KRW (around 850k USD) as a transfer fee. Kanavi informed CvMax of this request, and CvMax told Kanavi not to respond, as responding could be seen as tampering from Kanavi.
  3. The very next day, director Cho called in Kanavi and threatened him about the text, falsely claiming that since Kanavi commited tampering, he could never play as a pro again. Kanavi was scared, and Cho told him that Cho would take care of the request.
  4. However, Cho forced Kanavi to sign a contract with JD Gaming for 5 years, with the lowest possible salary and the highest possible transfer fee (1.6 billion KRW, or 1.3 million USD). In short, Kanavi, who wanted to start for Griffin, is now tied to JD Gaming for 5 years. Considering that 5 years is usually the average lifespan of a pro League of Legends player, the contract is obviously unfair for the player.
  5. Of the transfer fee JD Gaming paid to Griffin, CvMax has not seen a cent, and neither has Kanavi.

Update: CvMax revealed at the start of his stream that he thinks the players who requested him to stop spreading falsities about them did the interviews of their own will. He didn't elaborate on the topic, but it may be possible to extrapolate that at least Sword and Viper were critical of CvMax.

CvMax wants to keep the additional content about Griffin undisclosed, in case Griffin's management decides to prosecute him, or try to manipulate public opinion.


He also thinks that the reason he can act like this (reveal things that are normally confidential, go against a figure of authority like Director Cho) is because he honestly did not care about the money Griffin paid him. Unfortunately, because of his attitude CvMax is worried that the team that signed him as coach may void the contract.

The first time CvMax heard he was fired and was told not to return to the clubhouse, Cho did not inform the players that CvMax was fired. Instead, he acted as if CvMax was arbitrarily absent. After a month, Cho handed out surveys to the players asking if they thought CvMax was needed, and officially dismissed CvMax based on the results of the survey.

Update: When Director Cho told the players to throw soloqueue games so Tarzan can reach rank 1 and CvMax protested the decision, they fought for 3 days. In the end, Cho told CvMax to never contest what he says in front of the kids.

Cho had told CvMax to quit all the way back in Summer 2018, after the loss to KT in the finals.

CvMax's most recent salary was 100 million KRW (84k USD), but Cho would go around bragging that he was paying the 3rd highest coaching salary in the LCK.

Cho was irrationally afraid of players constructing their own opinions – he would call that "getting big-headed, or stone-headed". That's why Cho prevented Viper from exercising, but CvMax went with Viper to assuade Cho's suspisions.

Update: The playing environment for subs and trainees in Griffin was atrocious – Kanavi would practice 17 hours a day, playing on the table because subs weren't given chairs, on a fixed-height monitor. Subs and trainees would eat the leftovers from the starting players' meals, and were forbidden to order takeout during the nighttime. Instead, coach Chaos would make them ramen every night.

The post before by hektor was removed so I copypasted the translations about the issue and why riotkr is starting a investigation. Hope justice we'll be done for kanavi and cho

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