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Riot not compensating for the downtime (EU servers)

LeagueofLegends6 - Riot not compensating for the downtime (EU servers)

I know the servers of EU(W/NE) are a joke at this point and expected to fail, so sure, no big deal. But, when they fail in the first day of the pass and basically lock people out of the games, losing them points for the pass, how is it okay to not compensate for it in some way?

The servers have gone down at ~9pm my time, and I wanted to play until ~12pm, so they basically locked me out of 3 hours worth of tokens. And I was between the lucky ones that managed to score some games and the first win(giving the extra 20 tokens), but for the ones that didn't, it sucks even more.

Not talking about the issue with the purchases fails, as it's something they will fix.

Or, maybe I just misunderstood and they are not compensating only the shop issues?

Edit: By compensation I don't mean something substantial, maybe a 50% more tokens for 3 games or something. It wouldn't be much, but it would be exactly what most people lost while the servers where down, and it would fell less bad to lose tokens due to server bad luck

Edit2: Seems like EUNE didn't go down, only EUW. Still doesn't change the problem of no compensation, maybe even making it worse, as now EUW might be the only server that had this problem (if I'm wrong let me know in the comments)


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