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Riot secretly used patch 8.24 to ban every last diamond 5 player.

LeagueofLegends5 - Riot secretly used patch 8.24 to ban every last diamond 5 player.

Before you say something like "lol, they're just removing the fifth tier," I know that. Here's a snippet on how things should work:

Division V will be removed from all tiers—you now only need to be promoted four times in a division before you’re able to move up a tier. All players currently in Division V will move up to IV.

That's how it went for every other tier. In the chaos made by these sweeping changes, Riot just clandestinely terminated thousands of diamond 5 accounts. What I'm saying is, instead of moving them to D4, Riot decided to straight up remove D5 players from the game.

I believe this a misguided attempt to curb toxicity. As you may know, diamons 5 is home to a very different sort of League of Legends–one so alpha, so boosted, so passive aggressive, it has been permanently memorialized in League's culture.

I have no doubt that all those D5 players can work back up to the rank they know they deserve, high masters. But overall I cannot believe a company would do something so egregious as assume every D5 gamer is evil. My grandma is diamond 5; she feeds the birds outside her house, gives to charity, and took me off her will for being gay. She's a GREAT woman who doesn't deserve to lose her Riven skins.

I dont expect anything to be done, but I wanted to make sure they didn't get away with this unscathed. Thank you.

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