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Riot stated that Kassadin and Cassiopeia will be buffed to not be mana-hungry, other champions should be looked at in that regard as well

LeagueofLegends4 - Riot stated that Kassadin and Cassiopeia will be buffed to not be mana-hungry, other champions should be looked at in that regard as well

Back in november, Riot Scruffy tweeted that Riot intended to buff Anivia, Kassadin and Cassiopeia so they are not mana hungry to the point of having Tear of the Goddess as a mandatory item. Anivia's recent megabuff addressed this issue, and now she is no longer overreliant on Tear anymore. Kassadin and Cassiopeia will likely receive the same treatment eventually, but I don't think they should be the only ones receiving some mana love.

One example of mana hungry champion is Sivir, who, despite having a mana restoration mechanic in her E, still has some insanely high mana costs. Granted, Sivir could use bigger changes than just mana buffs, but considering she doesn't even have a good synergy with any Tear of the Goddess item, maybe she could get some buffs specifically adressing her mana costs.

Another ADC that has mana issues is Kog'Maw. While the scaling cost of his Ultimate makes sense so he cannot rain slime upon his enemies infinitely, it seems to be a little too far for a champion like him, who has many exploitable weakness, such as lack of mobility, sustain, only a slow as his source of CC. Perhaps removing his thirst for mana would be an acceptable buff that wouldn't make the worm too OP.

The last one that eats mana like crazy is Sona. Before the pre-season, Sona had a certain variety in her build, being able to focus on AP to scale her damage or spam utility. However, one thing about her was consistent: because she usually spams abilities, she runs out of mana quite easily. She can build Tear, but the items built from it are very expensive, but with the ammount of gold supports currently gain, not only did her AP build became much less viable, but building Seraph's Embrace became much harder as well, not to mention how it doesn't make sense for a pure support build.


Much like Anivia, its not that those champions should become absolutely intependent of Tear of the Goddess (in Sivir's case, she can't even use it well), but have it as an option, so they're not forced to choose between having mana at all and build one specific item.

EDIT: Two things. First, yeah, I also agree that Ryze and Taric could use some buffs in that regard. Ryze was always a user of Tear of the Goddess and poor Taric never had synergy with the items that you can build from that, yet both are very mana hungry. I was quite sleepy when I wrote this, so I kinda forgot other champions that could use help in that regard, sorry. Second, to anyone that is saying that "all mana champions should be mana hungry" or "people should learn to manage their resources", that is honestly pure bullshit: there are many champions that have no mana or have a resource like energy, which replenishes itself, and those champions aren't weak in any other areas to compensate for not having mana. Mana champions rely on it to exist, most of them have literally nothing else to do without it, and the idea that they should be punished by either not casting or not having enough mana to cast makes no sense whatsoever.

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