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Riot’s preseason “adc problem” summarized

LeagueofLegends12 - Riot's preseason "adc problem" summarized

Its no secret riot has received a ton of criticism for the adc role this preseason.

New posts are made everyday about it. Many differing opinions being thrown around. Below are the reasons why I think that riot has not succeeded in terms of crit adc's and adc's in general at this moment in time. It's gonna be a long post, so TL;DR at the bottom.

First everyone's favorite, the xp gap.

There isn't much to be said about the xp gap that hasn't already been said. Bot laners usually find themselves down 2 to 3 levels for the majority of the game.

Personally I'm unsure if fixing the xp gap will fix the "adc problem. Riot seems pretty dead set on keeping this xp gap anyway. This alone makes the role more difficult, but while the complaints about xp have come for a while, I feel the increased amount of criticism and complaints are coming outside of the xp difference.

Next, lets go with their mythics.

Riot decided that mythics would be an item set that you could interchangeably deciding on your need for that game. While good in theory, this obviously doesn't work when you also want said items to be the first items built. Along with that, you're usually deciding what mythic you want going into the game, because you have to set your runes. No massive reason to take bloodline if you are going shieldbow, and no reason to go alacrity if youre going kraken slayer. People will usually form their runes around that. Due to riot wanting the adc mythics to be situational, I believe that they intentionally made all marksman mythics pretty similar aside from their passives. They all give some amount of attack speed. They all give crit. Now if you could use the mythics the way they intended, this wouldn't be a bad thing, however, when you can't switch mythics around as a marksman it only locks you into a build and one that your champion may not even want. I think it can also be said that adcs did not receive nearly as much power as most other roles did from their mythics so far, like tanks, assassins, and mages. While they have been nerfed and marksman mythics have received 5 ad (woo!), it still remains to be seen if marksman mythics can compare.

From my perspective, I think riot could have done right with marksman mythics if they had done the mythics similar to what they've done with mage or tank mythics. There was a big outcry that these two roles weren't really getting any new items, but at the same time those items just work and also have familiarity around them. For instance, imagine if instead of kraken slayer to deal with tanks, you had bork or guinsoos on steroids for on hit marksman. These items would provide the on hit characters the item they want to dish out insane damage in general. Although this does mean that non-crit marksman likely couldn't go this item for dealing with tanks, we already detailed why adcs and champions in general usually aren't able to switch their mythics at a moments notice. This doesn't even mean that riot would have had to get rid of the current options of mythics, but making some mythic items that adcs are use to building/already gained a lot of power from would have made a lot of sense and made the transition easier. I think the same thing could be said for if infinity edge would have become a mythic, which we'll see the problems with infinity edge in a second.

Lastly, the legendaries and crit chance/damage.

This will be a long section. These two are put together, because riot's goal was for almost every marksman legendary to have crit chance on it. To combat almost every legendary and marksman item in general having crit, they tuned the crit chance down to 20% and the crit damage base from 200% to 175%. Their reasoning for this was to open up adc build paths as well as giving them more early game power, without making crit feel overbearing and incredibly powerful, but I don't think they've found success in their goal here.


My reasoning for thinking they haven't succeeded is as follows. Currently, in order to deal any sort of comparable damage to last season as a crit adc, you need to build kraken slayer and ie early on to compensate for the loss of ad, crit chance, and crit damage. This forces you into one build path again. This isn't the only issue though.

Riot wanting to open up build paths missed the mark on multiple fronts.

Defensively there has been issues:

  • Shieldbow being a mythic meant that any items with lifeline either had to be changed, or couldn't be built by adcs. I think this is a main reason why pd currently doesn't have its shield, and why maw doesn't have crit. Obviously this means that if you want a truly defensive item as adc, you're going to either be forced into shieldbow, or deny yourself crit, which is bad/undesirable for both on hit and crit adcs currently given the guinsoo's change, or you're going to have to go with mercurial, which may not be gold efficient for you that game if you're going against non-cc ap champs like kat. I suppose this means that riot also doesn’t intend for GA to be a defensive adc item.
  • Adcs use to be able to sit on a hexdrinker, qss, cloth armor, etc until they got full build and then build out of that. Now, while you may be able to sit on a qss (which riot would want you to fully build for some reason), you cannot sit on a cloth armor or hexdrinker without being forced to sell it later and waste gold. Again, closing build paths and failing in giving adc's defense outside of shieldbow.

Offensively there's been even more problems:

  • Riot seems to think runaan's is a late game item now, even though this item being cheap and providing such a game changing effect use to allow adcs to come online at 2 or 3 items and make a massive difference in teamfights and skirmishes, as well as allowing adcs to farm even faster and get to that patented "late game adc" everyone knows about.
  • Essence reaver is no longer what it was. It use to be the item to allow adcs like xayah, ashe, kaisa, lucian, mf, sivir, and samira to use their abilities as often as they like due to giving the many back and giving a big boost of ad as well. Now it is a late game spellblade item that provides minimal mana, and while I can see that riot was trying to get champs to stop spamming abilities, this er rework wasn't the way to do it. A flat nerf to how much mana you got back from auto attacking or a cd on it would have been fine.
  • Making mortal reminder just grevious wounds and not both grevious and last whisper actually closes your build path further and makes your damage actively worse due to the low amount of ad.
  • Crit is worse offensively, and that's not hard to see given the changes. Even with the upcoming ie changes to bring it to 210% crit damage at 60% crit, this cannot be seen as a buff. Adcs use to be able to get 225% crit immediately, and while I understand thinking that riot did have to be careful with crit since they thought they were giving adcs more power, I don't understand why we have not received any comments on how the crit rework has missed the mark and how they intend to fix it besides the 5 ad buff and giving some adcs slightly less mid game power than they had before.

TL;DR: Xp gap makes adc hard, but the item and crit reworks for adc have actually closed build paths and made a vast majority of them worse than they were in season 10. Current buffs will not fix the issue.

All my personal opinion. Thanks for coming to my rant.

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