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Rito Has Killed Taliyah

LeagueofLegends3 - Rito Has Killed Taliyah

A little background on this champion called Taliyah, I know a lot of you most likely haven't heard of her and that is because she typically sits at >1% playrate at all ranks and regions! She has been unchanged and unmentioned in patch notes (outside of bugfixes) since the patches started with the number 8.

Rito recently announced they were changing that and it brought new life and enjoyment to this cold husk of a videogame for us small group of people who play this under represented champion, the sub was on fire people (both jg and mid mains) more excited to play rock girl than they had been in YEARS, they were going to buff her base armor by 20% (20 -> 24 base armor) and we were amazed, making both lane and jg better against power creeping ad assassins who over the years have gotten even more potential to squish a soft AP midlaner or AP jungler like Taliyah. Her worked ground, a mechanic unique to Taliyah where, after she presses Q, makes a 450 unit diameter circle that causes all subsequent Qs cast within to shoot 1 instead of 5 projectiles but only cost 1 mana, was going to be reduced in size by 75 units down to 375 diameter. Once again after this change was announced Taliyah players of both the jg and mid variant were excited it meant in fights she could weave in an extra ~300-500 damage if you played it right making her much more viable. The last and least consequential change was the reverting of a nerf two years ago which made her subsequent Q projectiles (shots 2-5) do reduced damage to camps and after this patch all Qs would do 100% damage to jungle monsters and neutral objectives.


These were impactful changes to a champion to maybe bring her back into rotation, make her more viable all the way to the professional level and we were all excited, but just take one quick look over at
TaliyahMains - Rito Has Killed Taliyah

r/TaliyahMains and you'll see something happened that has caused uproar. Taliyah actually will only be receiving one (1) of her announced three (3) changes and for many of us it doesn't matter as we still play her in MIDLANE.

The changes on PBE show after TWO WHOLE YEARS the only changes riot will make to this champion to make her feel better to play in both mid and jg is reverting a TWO YEAR OLD NERF to jungle camps, she will not be receiving changes to her total armor or armor growth, her Worked Ground will still be 450 units and she'll still be countered by most champions in her intended role of midlane.

Also a little extra juice, at the same time as the revealing that she won't even get a buff is thrown out they say they CUT INTERACTIONS between Taliyah and the new support champion Rell meaning little to no content being produced for a already dying champ that three weeks into preseason still doesn't have stats on
op.gg .

TL;DR – Riot after two years of not changing Taliyah announce they will buff her and then don't buff her at all and at the same time say they actually are just not going to give her content anymore effectively killing the champion and any future of lore/in game content bringing in more players to this sub 1% playrate champion.

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