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RNG vs EDG LPL Playoff Story

LeagueofLegends2 - RNG vs EDG LPL Playoff Story

With RNG & EDG facing off today in Round 1 of the LPL 2020 Spring Playoffs I thought I'd throw out some fun bits of information to tease the upcoming matchup.

The Story of the Matchup:

RNG: Established August 2012 (As Royal Club).
H2H Championships Won:
2016 Spring Finals 3-1
2018 Spring Finals 3-1

Playoff Games Won vs RNG:
2017 Spring Semi Finals 3-1

EDG: Established September 2013.
H2H Championships won:
2016 Summer Finals vs RNG 3-0
2017 Summer Finals vs RNG 3-2

Playoff Games Won vs RNG:

  • This is the second time that RNG and EDG have versed each other in Playoffs where it was not the Finals. The only time RNG and EDG have ever versed outside of the Final was 2017 Spring Semis. This is the first time in history that these two will face in the First Round.
  • They haven’t faced each other in Playoffs since 2018 Spring which was the Finals in which RNG beat EDG 3-1 and went on to win MSI.
  • All of last year EDG and RNG were on opposite sides of the bracket. The last time EDG and RNG were on the same side of the Bracket was 2017 Spring.
  • RNG 2-1 EDG in the Regular Season (Remember they only face once in a BO3 per split)

RNG 7th Seed:

  • This is the first split in history that Uzi has not played a single game/at least half while being on a starting position on a roster. He is also not starting today vs EDG (While he can still sub in for Game 2 and beyond – he is still eligible to play)
  • RNG have lost 5 out of their 6 last series – they were all bottom tier teams. RNG had the easiest schedule of anyone in the final two weeks and failed massively.
  • RNG however, beat 5 out of 7 of the top 8 teams in playoffs. As said by Heresmilo on my stream "RNG are the Robin Hood of the LPL" – They took from the rich and gave to the poor (They beat teams higher than them and lost to those that were lower)

EDG 6th Seed:

  • This is EDG’s 3rd split in a row starting in Round 1 of Playoffs.
  • EDG lost to 5 out of 7 of the other top 8 teams in playoffs in the regular season
  • Last year was not kind to EDG with their worst placing combined in history – 7th in Spring, out in Round 1 playoffs. 5th in Summer and out in Quarter Finals vs BLG. Last year was the first year in history since their inception that they did not go to Worlds. EDG starting in Round 1 adds to their lowest placements in history.
  • EDG have never missed playoffs in the LPL since the birth of their organisation.

Starting Lineups for Game 1 – https://twitter.com/HystericsCasts/status/1252977680737161216

Whenever these two meet it's always a banger, I expect you all to be there on time, RAIN HAIL OR SHINE!

Starts 5PM China Time / 3AM CST / 4AM CDT / 5AM EDT / 9AM GMT +0

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