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Rule Updates From The Last Feedback Thread: Roster Leaks, Short Duration Content, Server Status Rule (with a sidebar update too)

LeagueofLegends12 - Rule Updates From The Last Feedback Thread: Roster Leaks, Short Duration Content, Server Status Rule (with a sidebar update too)

Hello everyone! Long time no see, hope you all are doing well in this trying times.

We have a few rule changes to announce coming out of our most recent feedback thread.

Rule Change 1: Roster leaks and rumors:

Discussion in the feedback thread

We have changed the rule from:

Only allow posting rumors from "journalistic" sources. No twitter/self-published blogs.


Allow posting of rumors from "journalistic" sources and industry insiders. Random sources from twitter, reddit, ect. are not allowed.

With an industry member defined as:

A prominent member of the esports scene such as a caster, interviewer, contractor, or team member.

Our goal with our updated rumor rule was to stop the flooding of the subreddit with rumors from every Tom, Dick, and Harry and to stop baseless and false rumors from being pushed to the community. We sought to set a uniform standard to enforce on these rumor posts, which is how we developed our initial rumor rule, which required that rumor posts had to go through an editor.

During the initial rollout of this change, it worked well. However, we realized during the Doublelift rumor that we had left our a critical group that often reports on these rumors with a decent track record: esports insiders. As such, we've opened up the rule slightly to allow for those insiders to also post rumor content to the subreddit.

Rule Change 2: Server Status Rule

The Current Rule is:

User posts about the status of servers are allowed, but only if the issue is confirmed by Riot. The post will be removed once the server issues are resolved.

The rule is not changing, but we are adding:


In the event that the game is unplayable for at least 15 minutes (with or without confirmation), we make a mod-run megathread.

Discussion from the feedback thread that helped with this change

As users pointed out, Riot is sometimes slow to confirm server issues, and users often know before Riot that servers are breaking. We agree! So in the event of issues being sustained for 15 minutes or more, a mod-made megathread will be created in place of a user thread. This post will stay up while issues persist and will come down around 30 minutes after the issue is resolved.

One of our big motivations for wanting this to be a mod-made megathread is that we will update it as Riot confirms the issues or if we find that it is an ISP issue or something more localized. Unfortunately, a lot of users don't end up providing these updates, so this is our best option for ensuring that threads without Riot confirmation end up being updated with information.

Rule change 3: Short duration content

Discussion in the feedback thread

For context, animated splash arts are user made, looped videos, that bring new life to a splash art. We like the content, however upon review, we have opted to enforce them under our short duration content rule.

What this means is that all animated splash arts must be submitted as text posts due to their looped nature.

Upcoming Matches

Some of you may have noticed, but after many years, we have finally gotten the automatic upcoming matches section on the sidebar working again! Make sure you check that out!

For those out there wondering, we will have a fresh feedback thread up shortly, likely next week.

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