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Rumble might still have a bug that was supposedly fixed S4

LeagueofLegends12 - Rumble might still have a bug that was supposedly fixed S4

There has been this
patch 49 notes#patch rumble - Rumble might still have a bug that was supposedly fixed S4

somewhat infamous bug fix back in Patch 4.9.

BUGFIX: Fixed a bug where Flamespitter dealt less damage when on purple team

League of Graphs lists win rate by champion and side here. First, to have a kind of null hypothesis, let's look at the win rate by side in general. You can see blue side win rate is aroud 50-52% based on queue. I assume this is because of the jungle layout. On average let's assume that blue side in general just has a winrate about 2.5% higher than red side (which approximately checks out if you look at the middle pack of the champion list).

Now I've been sporadicly looking at this site for the past few months. The first time I saw this I saw Rumble had the biggest discreprancy, I immediately thought of this bugfix in S4 and headed into the practice tool. As I found the damage is identical on blue and red side. I didn't think much of it and thought it was just a statistical quirk but every time I checked the stats page it was Rumble on top. At the moment we sit at a 6.8% difference. That's huge. If you adjust for the 2.5% we expect anyways, that's still a 4.3% difference. Such a large margin usually makes the difference between a meta pick and an F tier pick!

So after reading a bit I couldn't really find any concrete sources about what exactly caused the bug/what they fixed exactly. Just a few comments that suggested something in the code always computes blue side spells first per time interval. With that knowledge looking at the data again, I noticed something. Almost all outliers do have some sort of continuous AoE effect..


For Rumble it's even half of his kit and like 80% of his damage in his Q and R. Singed (4.3%) has his Q and his W. Orrn (3.9%) has his W. The list goes on with Varus E, Amumu W, Cassio W, Akali W, Soraka E, Vel'Koz R and possibly Aatrox W, Shaco W and Ekko W (all above 3%). Also notably, on the lower end (i.e. champs where the difference is less than 2.5%) do also have these kinds of abilities. Take Karthus E (0.3%), Annie R Aura (0.4%), Kindred R (1.2%), Ori W (1.1%), Noturne Q (1.1%), Anivia R (1.5%), Rammus R (1.5%) or Ivern W (1.3%). The latter might be especially interesting since he has his W mechanic partially removed. It might be interesting to see whether this changes anything on his winrate per side.

So what do I conclude?

Well, there's lots of variables here. I don't know the LoG sample size. There may be some confirmation bias involved. There might be champions that just profit off of the jungle layout. Assuming the jungler camps his red buff side more often, maybe Rumble is just good at escaping ganks and absorbing jungle pressure top, or he can just 1v2 esoecially well because of his AoE. There might be other reasons, such as the difference in camera position (I actually think this might be the main reason for Xerath to be at 3%, maybe also for Varus with his Q).

But ultimately I think there is some evidence that supports the theory that there is something fundamentally broken about the computation of continous AoEs. Feel free to experiment around in the practice tool and /or customs. Maybe if you flash out of a Rumble Q at the same frame as it ticks you may or may not be damaged depending on the side you're on, maybe you have your own idea, feel free to leave anything you find in the comments.

Two minor details that I think further support this theory:

  • The data is somewhat amplified by the importance of the AoE spell (main kit for Rumble, Singed, not part of the main kit for e.g. Rammus, Soraka)
  • The effect is less present when including lower elo. This might be because the higher elo lanes and games are more often decided by these close fights and small nuances.

Anyway, let me know what you think and whether you have any idea how to test this theory.

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