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Rumor: Huni to join WE from LPL

LeagueofLegends11 - Rumor: Huni to join WE from LPL

Video discussing the rumor(in Mandarin) https://www.bilibili.com/video/av35448826/

There is a rumor in Chinese forum recently speculating that Huni is being recruited by WE from LPL.

While rumors from Chinese forum are usually shitposts, the possibility of Huni joining WE is still valid:

  1. The coach from WE went to Korea to scout Korean prospects few weeks ago; Meanwhile, Huni went back to Korea to visit his ex-teammates from SKT. It is possible that WE had got in touch with Huni and discussed the possibility of joining WE during that period.

  2. Not sure if this is true. During Huni's visit at SKT, donation from Bang's stream asked Huni which region he will go next. Huni's friend answered China, to which Huni immediately denied and looked awkward. I am not sure if it was serious because while Huni acted like accidentally letting the cat out of the bag, he said it was just kidding as well. Also, if that actually happened, Inven, Weibo and Reddit would have exploded few weeks ago.

  3. Huni started his career in EU, then he went to NA, then he went to KR, and now he's in NA again. It wouldn't surprise me if he go to China, since it will be a new experience for Huni, and LPL has become a championship contender recently.

Do you think this is gonna happen? Where do you think Huni is going to next?

Edit 1: Re-watched Bang stream and corrected 2 (the situation where Huni was asked about where he'll go next.) Edit 2: Corrected 2 (the situation where Huni was asked about where he'll go next.)


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