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Rush’s Think on TFBlade got banned

LeagueofLegends11 - Rush's Think on TFBlade got banned

About TF Blade ban

  1. Riot Korea has different standard and have separate control.
  2. RIot accounts are under special watch, it is not about "targetting TF Blade"
  3. KR server is strict to toxic chat/words over trolls(int, sell items, afk)
  4. TF Blade has done a lot of negative behaviors, He deserves suspension instead of ban. But the ban is understandable as he was playing on Riot account.
  5. People feel much more harassed from his English than what he expected. Like its the players first time dealing with English native person and he used toxic language that players could only experience from movies or dramas. Normally KR server insults someone in English only when there's an argument between Korean and Chinese, but their English was really simple like "Mom die, Mom boom, you noob". But instead, TF Blade English felt much more detailed and aggressive to the players. I would say what he said was totally common in NA and EU server right? but definitely not in Korea.I personally think and am surprised that he got "banned" but I don't think it came all of sudden. With his behaviors it was destined to happen. I don't think him getting banned in every server is a coincidence. It was a matter of time.For example, today he said there was no strong negative word from what riot sent to him as a proof. But the point is why would you expect your teammate to play perfectly while you do not? ans also even is someone is clearly playing bad, you should not argue or blame in game. It doesn't help you to win. It gives the others bad experience. That's what makes the others unable to enjoy the game.
  6. I don't know why NA streamers and pros got some powers to be rude or toxic just because they are famous. They definitely are kind of immune to bans. But in Korea, streamers and pros get punished way more strictly. And I believe this is the right was as you are a Riot representative, you should be a good showcase. at least that's how it works in Korea. You can't say TFBlade's behaviors are common in ranked, so he shouldn't get banned.
  7. I personally hate the trolls(AFK, INT, Negative gaming), I agree that they should be banned over TFBlade 100%. But I don't think this logic is good enough to justify TF Blade's Behaviors.
  8. I am not trying to say TF Blade is a bad person. He is average personality in NA server from what I experienced. That's why many of 12+ (future fortnite players) kids are trying to defend him because he is literally a mirror of them.


Source: Rush's stream , around 00:57:50

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