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[Satire] NA Scouts’ tell-all: “we kinda just watch Fiss Mortune videos and recruit whoever’s doing the best.”

LeagueofLegends5 - [Satire] NA Scouts' tell-all: "we kinda just watch Fiss Mortune videos and recruit whoever's doing the best."

In an utterly shocking turn of events, the scouts of many North American LCS teams have revealed that they are sourcing all local talent based upon the YouTube clip compilation channel Fiss Mortune. Fiss Mortune describes itself as a "League of Legends – video collection," which would modernly be described as a VOD playback channel.

We use the word modernly, because Fiss Mortune has not uploaded a video in the last six years. In fact, the last upload from the channel predates the Rift visual update in 2014.

Regardless–this has not deterred NA talent-seekers from using the channel as a resource for finding top players for professional teams. This may be because of Fiss Mortune's absolutely rigorous and accurate filing system for various players' performances. The system is described in the 'About' section of their page, and is as follows:

«Beast» – more than 9 kills

«Boss» – more than 14 kills

«Maniac» – more than 19 kills

«Godmode» – 0 death

"It's incredible because it does ninety-five percent of the work for us," one scout explained anonymously. "We just go the videos section, explore the names, and–you know, depending on the budget, we might go with a boss player. Or if we're wanting the next top talent, then year, we'll splurge for a Maniac-tier pro." There are often bidding wars amongst the top names in NALCS over the coveted Maniac Godmode players.

The current bidding war is over a player named PhantomL0rd– who, by all known accounts, is currently in prison or something. Regardless: DIG, TSM, and FLY are all clamoring to acquire the budding talent as seen on Fiss Mortune. A transcript of NA scouts discussing the metalhead's gameplay is below.


Scout One: Dude check this out: -a link to a video titled: PhantomL0rd – Ad Ahri vs Varus – bot «Beast» (Diamond l) is shared-

Scout Two: only Beast? I don't know… as you're aware, that is the weakest Fiss Mortune demarcation. We were paid to find somebody who is at least Boss.

Scout One: but look at that rank and champion. Of course it's only Beast. But if PhantomL0rd was AP Ahri this would have been a Boss video, or even a Maniac.

Scout Two: Maniac?! Dude, you're fucking crazy.

Scout One shares Cris vs PhantomL0rd – Riven vs Karthus – mid «Maniac» (Diamond l)

Scout Two: NO! I get you're new here, but you are really bad at scouting. The person on the left is the one who got Maniac. PhantomL0rd got bodied. Although… who's this Cris guy?

Scout One: want me to reach out?

Scout Two: yes. God Bless America.

Scout One: oh! And should we give any of our Academy players a go?

Scout Two: LOL

The two coworkers continue to discuss hiring PhantomL0rd or Cris, tallying their Beast, Boss, and Maniac/Godmode performances to determine costs. Unfortunately, neither would get their shot: they went with NinFang, a player who got a ton of Godmode. Unfortunately, according to one YouTube commenter, NinFang "stoped playing League because Rengar was nurfed too much."

With concerns over NA League not pushing to include new talent, this information is due to contrast with what many believe might be healthy for the League, which is the joke of the post and I'm not sure why I am explaining it at the bottom.

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