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Seize the memes of production: A few rule changes

LeagueofLegends9 - Seize the memes of production: A few rule changes

Hi Everyone,

We've been listening to all the feedback we've received over the last few months and now, we're ready to announce a few changes that have been driven by all of you. There are three big rule changes here, so make sure to read through them all.

Loosening our Meme Rule

Previously, we had a zero tolerance rule for memes. However, after reading thread after thread, after thread about the issues with this enforcement, we've decided to run a trial change.

For the next month, we will be running a trial where our meme rule is loosened to allow high quality original content that references memes for inspiration. Here are a few examples of memes that have been removed in the past, but would be allowed now under this new rule:

  • Morgana and Kayle

  • Purrrgot

  • Urgette

The updated rule is as follows:

  • Memes with League of Legends text or images imposed over a template are not allowed. Post this content on leagueofmemes. Fanart or videos that originate from memes that are remade in their entirety are permitted.

  • Copycat posts such as MS-Paint drawings, front page topics reposted with slight changes, and other similar posts may be removed.

Under this rule, we will still be removing actual memes and content that includes memetic content. The key here is that the content must be remade in its entirety, so including clipped or cut and pasted memes in your video will still get it removed.

One more thing…

Our meme title rule remains as-is:

Vague, contextless, memetic, or inaccurate titles are not allowed. Titles should represent or describe the content of a post.

If your title contains memes, your post will be removed.


Short Duration Videos – 15 Second Rule


Last month, we announced that we were trialing a reduction in our short duration video rule after feedback we received in our quarterly thread. Previously, we required all videos under 30 seconds to be put into text posts, but during the trial, we reduced that requirement to 15 seconds.

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We're happy to report that the change is now permanent. This means that videos 15 seconds or longer can be posted directly to the subreddit, while those shorter than 15 seconds will still need to be posted in a text post.

Please note that padding your video to make it hit the threshold will lead to it being removed.


Character Requirement Changes

  • Personal stories now require 750 characters, down from 1,000 characters.

  • Tweets now require 250 characters, up from 215.

Changing the character requirement was inspired in part by feedback from leagueofmeta and #subreddit-meta on our discord. Essentially, people felt 1,000 characters was just too long and that a reduction would be appropriate. After some discussion, we went with a slight loosening to 750 characters.

For twitter, there are two reasons for this change. The first is that twitter increased the max character count on their tweets to 280 (yes, we know it happened ages ago). While most tweets we see here don't go that high, we felt it was enough to make a minor adjustment. So then, why 250? Mostly for consistency's sake. It's hard to remember a bunch of different numbers for character requirements, so we wanted to streamline it with other rules, both for our own ease of enforcement but also for users.

That's all for now. Please let us know what you think of these changes and hit us up with any questions/concerns you might have.

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