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Seraphine is a traumatized lunatic looking to unite Piltover and Zaun to create a dystopian escapist society

LeagueofLegends5 - Seraphine is a traumatized lunatic looking to unite Piltover and Zaun to create a dystopian escapist society

In my post about Gragas, I said that he was an outlier from other champions in terms of lore and ability consistency along with another champion. And that champion was Seraphine.

Seraphine's ability kit doesn't line up with her personality and goals at all. At least that's not what it seems like at surface level. Here's why Seraphine is a deranged lunatic looking to unite Piltover and Zaun for her own selfish escapist fantasies.

Soul Reading Trauma and Splintered Psyche

Imagine if you could read everyone's mind as if they were talking out loud, and you couldn't turn it off. That's most likely what it was like for Seraphine as shown in her biography. This means at a very young age, Seraphine was probably hearing things like Camille's violent thoughts about the scum of Piltover as she beheaded three people at once, the depressive episodes of literally everyone other than Jayce in Clan Giopara, and Vi's barely contained bloodlust. This incessant ringing noise of thousands of souls all screaming their opinions at her never stops for even a second. She even dreams of other people's dreams too since she can hear their souls directly, which means this cacophony doesn't even spare her while she is asleep. When Seraphine gets her dampener, she goes to the crystal for guidance because she is " Overwhelmed by the yearnings around her, she worried she may have no song of her own". This sentence seems innocent enough, but read it again without your eyes closed and you'll realize that since songs are the literal expression of your soul, Seraphine can't hear her own soul because she can only hear the thousands of other peoples'. Back to the mind reading analogy, imagine not being able to discern your own personality anymore because of how many personalities you've witnessed firsthand. After all this trauma, there's no way Seraphine comes out of this living hell years later a shallow and loving optimist who aims to reunite Piltover and Zaun without any underlying ulterior motive. This outward personality is only a mask that Seraphine uses to further her goals. More on that later.

Miraculous Cure and Crippling Dependence

To help Seraphine and her wasteland of a mental state, her parents crafted a special dampener that helped her control her powers. The brackern inside this dampener showed Seraphine "distant deserts and ancient conflicts of ancestors, a thousand years of history sang in unison ". Now this dampener was crafted from a "rare" hextech crystal. The only reason a hextech crystal would be rare is if the brackern that it was harvested from was some form of special nobility that was more powerful or held more information than the average brackern. So Seraphine goes from suffering from her special power straight to the opposite end of the spectrum and witnessing her power being used by a powerful brackern to unify an entire fucking society. This kind of experience is completely unfathomable to us, but lets use the mind reading analogy again. Imagine if everyone in your head just started orchestrating 200 years worth of National Geographic episodes all while providing the soundtrack, sound effects, and mental images to go along with it. I'm sure anyone would kill to experience that on a grander scale again. And that's exactly what Seraphine would go on to do.

Extremist Unification and Brainwashing


Having experienced the human equivalent of the ultimate high, Seraphine's already broken mental state latches onto this one goal with a sort of parasitic longing and need. You can see this mental state driving her actions when Seraphine learns to control her power without the dampener and mitigate her suffering, then proceeds to take apart her dampener and use it to make an amplifier. This not only makes her powers bother her more, but is more evidence of Seraphine's desire being so strong that she doesn't give any shit about her mental state anymore. She will unite Piltover and Zaun through her music, performing with her powers amplified to get everyone in her audience to experience this same unified resonance and join her cause. The simple facade of wanting to unite the two cities for their own good is all that's needed for her audience to see her only as a naive songstress trying to do the impossible with only her singing. If Seraphine truly wanted to unite the cities for their own good, she would have just sung normally and not held herself up as the sole source of the sense of unity that people can feel between the two cities. Everyone knows that Piltover and Zaun are never going to unite again due to rifts in their culture and society already being lightyears apart, and the only time they'll ever get to experience this unification is during Seraphine's performances. This is exactly what Seraphine wants, as she manifests this same longing and desire for another dopamine inducing performance in her audience. When the entirety of Piltover and Zaun is under her influence, Seraphine can finally unify the voices of everyone she can hear and achieve ultimate inner peace through her song. Hextech amplified speakers in the streets will blare her songs day and night. Commuters sing with their soul and minds with Seraphine as they step onto the subway to go to work. Freedom of thought is replaced with never-ending unity and peace of mind. Without the conflicted desires and opinions of people, everyone can be happy! Especially Seraphine, who sits at the highest tower in the city, leaning back into her chair and closing her eyes to relish the never ending soul song of her audience.

Hidden Resistance and Ruthless Silencing

Now that we know Seraphine's true motives in uniting Piltover and Zaun, there's one more thing that doesn't quite line up. Why can Seraphine deal damage with her abilities in game and also shield allies with literally nothing but sound? Well the answer is pretty obvious now. Seraphine expected resistance to her ultimate goal, and of course she would have precautions to prevent people from stopping her. Through experimentation and practice, Seraphine uses her stage's amplified sound to further develop her powers so that she can even use sound to inflict physical damage on people or create magical sound waves capable of mitigating impact. Using these abilities, Seraphine listens closely to her audience and roots out traitors and haters, silences them forever with carefully aimed downbeat at the finishing flourish of her song. After all, nobody sees or hears a body drop if it's accompanied by a sick bass drop. Three of Seraphine's abilities and her passive also have some kind of ally interaction, which really puts it out there that cooperation is the best chance you're gonna get to survive. Her shield and heal require allies to be near her to receive the bonuses, hinting at her desire for her audience's dependence towards her songs. Seraphine's passive gathers notes that reflect the support she gathers for each performance. Her ultimate extends off allies and enemies, convincing both parties that it's best if they stay in line. Her Q and E are her main tools for dealing with pesky obstacles on her quest for unity and peace. After dealing with a threat, the sound waves dissipate with not trace of a murder even happening, allowing Seraphine to continue her performances unimpeded after dealing with the bodies.

And there you have it. Seraphine's intentions seem good at surface level, but dig a little deeper and the sinister truth always unveils itself. If her story seemed a little innocent and out of place compared to other champions, this is the reason why. A paper thin facade, only enough to hide the truth.

(This post is satire, made to make fun of Seraphine's lore and abilities in game. Please don't take this too seriously and thanks for reading)

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