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Singed doesn’t have satisfying or reliable items in Season 11 & how to fix it:

LeagueofLegends11 - Singed doesn’t have satisfying or reliable items in Season 11 & how to fix it:

Intro: Hey guys, my name is Minishcap1. I’ve been a Singed main since Season 3, for 8 years as of 2021. I’m also a multi-season challenger player. I’ve peaked challenger in S5/S6/S7/S8/S10 and ended challenger in S5 and S10. I’ve put thousands and thousands of hours into this champion that I love, and I love his unique playstyle and want to see his item ecosystem improve. These are my thoughts on his items and how to improve them for him.

General thoughts: Nothing feels satisfying or strong to buy in general. I find it quite crazy that Singed’s poison trail ratio was increased to 90% to get him above a 48% winrate in February, since this buff is directly influenced by the poor quality of AP Bruiser itemization in Season 11. The items feel awkward and unsatisfying to buy, every gold I spend feels like I am wasting money on useless items.

Item effects we used to build to flesh out builds have been gated behind mythics (Righteous Glory into Demonic Helm & Madness Passive into Riftmaker) which killed Singed’s ability to itemize on the fly. More importantly, it also stops Singed from having the combination of stats that he needs to be relevant in a timely manner (Madness passive, %max hp burn, and and engage tool)

If you build certain mythics to engage, then you lose so much from other items. Building Rocketbelt/Shurelyas/Chemtank locks you out of having the Madness passive which hits your damage really hard, especially when modern LoL is almost completely front-end burst oriented and DoT champs are having trouble anyways.

The old Liandrys + Rylai's 2 item combo in previous seasons was awesome for Singed. Both items were great individually while also giving the perfect combination of stats and effects to scale (slow, strong %max health damage, damage amplification) while at a reasonable gold cost (2600 + 3100 gold).

However in Season 11 we do not have that old combo.

Bear in mind with all of this: Singed was already a champion that struggled to find reliable runes with Runes Reforged. However in previous season he at least always had reliable items. Now, he has neither reliable items or reliable runes.

And before people say it, no, Singed is NOT a tank FFS (Tanks have high base damage and more CC than Singed, who has LOW base damage and moderate CC).

Problems with his items:

Mythics –

Riftmaker: Riftmaker is not good as a one-item buy and requires an almost full item build before it starts to feel any good. This item is really weak as a standalone mythic item compared to other mythics since it’s power is heavily gated by needing legendaries to stack up the mythic passive. The change to Riftmaker to give it more HP and less omnivamp helped Singed with the item. However I think that omnivamp on Singed outside of Ravenous Hunter is wasted gold value. Poison healing is only 33% effective on Singed so an entire mythic dedicated to healing feels weak. The true damage is lacking, the damage amplification is lacking, and the item feels very lackluster overall. Only good if you know the game will go to 6 items and even then it kinda sucks. Takes too long to get to full stacks (5 seconds) which is an eternity in modern LoL.

Riot also hit it with the nerf stick too soon since the whole community freaked out about Akali abusing this item, even though the problem AS ALWAYS was with Akali herself, and not the item.

Rocketbelt: surprisingly useful on Singed but provides bad per-slot scaling for an AP mythic. 5 flat mpen, for a total of 20 flat mpen at a FULL BUILD is horrendously bad. This item spikes well as a first buy, but falls off of a cliff as soon as you start completing the second item. If your game goes mid to late-game, consider selling it.

Rocketbelt is also losing 100 hp in exchange for 6 flat mpen which, while good for mages, is not good for Singed who prefers the HP. If the number was around 15 mpen, it would be worth it, but it's only 6.

Everfrost: Surprisingly useful on midlane Singed but it is extremely expensive at 3400 gold and gives so much less damage than Liandrys at the same cost. Not very useful for top lane Singed especially after the 11.7 nerf. Good mythic passive (Flat 15 AP) but almost never worth buying over Liandry’s. Sadly the 11.7 nerf to this item kills what was already a lackluster Singed item.

Liandry’s Lament: This item was really great for Singed’s damage, but the removal of 15% Magic pen absolutely killed the DPS of this item, and made it go from Singed’s highest winrate mythic to nearly his lowest winrate mythic. This item is also very cost prohibitive for Singed at 3400g since he struggles to get kills in Season 11, again, due to poor itemization. 600 mana is useless on Singed, and does NOT give any HP. Makes Singed into a glass cannon to have (As of 11.7) lower damage to what he had last season, but paying more gold for worse stats. Really hard to work with because you’re so squishy. Mythic passive is really bad because Singed does not need to over stat on CDR and only really needs a small amount to ensure his ult is available.

Turbo Chemtank: Chemtank ruins your damage because singed needs ap and % damage to be relevant midgame and late game. The reason why this item is so good on certain characters (Udyr, Hecarim,) is because they have good base damage. Singed has awful base damage and is completely gated by needing AP, so buying this means your damage is doomed, especially if you buy it as one of your first two items, when mythics are most important. You also are forced to buy anti healing because S11 and Singed is great at applying grievous wounds. However, this means you don't have gold income if you go Chemtank and don't get kills, so you can’t afford anti-healing. Chemtank ruins your damage because singed needs ap and % damage to be relevant midgame and late game. You also are forced to buy anti healing because S11 and you don't have gold income if you go Chemtank and don't get kills. Kind of good if you want to be a flingbot but no one has fun playing singed as a flingbot, and even then it still feels awful to buy.


Shurelya’s Battlesong: Similar to Rocketbelt. Great 1 item spike but provides almost no damage, less tankiness, and also falls off. Only buy this if you are confident you can win the game before 2-3 item builds come online. This item is somewhat redeemed by it’s mythic passive (2.5% MS per legendary) but having such low stats and going into mid-late game feels awful.

This item is also being gutted for Singed in PBE. The MS mythic passive is being removed for haste and the movement speed is being tied to healing or empowering an ally, which Singed can't really do.

Legendaries –

Demonic Helm: Not a mythic but man this item feels horrible. It was prematurely nerfed in preseason because Riot freaked out about AP items and now gives almost no tankiness while also having paltry low damage. I often run through an entire 5-man team with my ult and poison on just to find Demonic did maybe 300 damage total, which is pathetically low. This item is trash but we are forced to build it because what other choices do we have on Singed? Yikes.

Rylai’s Crystal Scepter: Currently not a single champion in the game wants to buy Rylais unless there are no other options left. However, Singed is often forced to build this item because the stats are good. The item feels really lackluster even with the 30% slow. The reason this item was good in previous seasons for Singed is because it was a cheap way for Singed to get a small slow and 90 AP, and it gave awesome synergy with old Liandry’s. This item is just way too expensive for what it gives.

Cosmic Drive: Lackluster on Singed because over-buying CDR is wasted gold on him. You only ever need a small amount of CDR on Singed to make sure your ultimate is up for every fight. More than this and you’re wasting gold, because 1) Poison Trail is not affected by CDR, and 2) W and E don’t gain much benefit from CDR. You’re always better off investing gold into raw damage. The movement speed is somewhat helpful but is not the main selling point of the item, and loses a lot of value for that reason, and Singed would rather have DMP/Rocketbelt/Chemtank for movement speed anyways.


-Riftmaker needs a % max health damage component in exchange for removing the healing. Just make this item into the old Liandry’s. Singed doesn’t want that much omnivamp since he is not a drain tank. He is a tanky AP Bruiser. Riftmaker sucks. Other champs like Mordekaiser don't mind the healing but this item still sucks for him too because IT DOESN’T DO ANY DAMAGE AS A FIRST OR SECOND ITEM. There is no good reason that an item designed for AP Bruisers should be better on champs such as Kayle or AP Twitch or Akali than Singed and Mordekaiser.

Another option for Riftmaker is to front-load the power. Make it weaker late-game but make it stronger early game. It feels so bad to rush this item because you need the stats to compete with other mythics, but then having it be so much weaker than everything else. If the power of this item were shifted towards a 1 item spike, instead of a 4 or 5 item late-game, then it would be way more usable.

-Rylai’s synergy with Riftmaker or Demonic: Add an interaction between Rylai’s and Rfitmaker or Rylai’s + Demonic that makes the items worth buying as a set, like old Rylai’s + Liandry’s. Rylai’s doing nothing other than giving you a slow is SUPER boring. AD bruiser items all make each other stronger through damage amp interactions (triforce + steraks, etc) so why can’t AP bruiser items?

-Make Rylai’s cheaper: Currently not a single champion in the game wants to buy Rylais unless there are no other options left. Honestly just revert this to the old Rylais where it was 2600 gold with the 20% slow, but keep the extra 50 HP because LoL is hyper power-creeped and we need to compete. This item is extremely underwhelming at 3000 gold and feels like you are overpaying for it.

-Buff Demonic Helm to 2% max health burn: Demonic helm in its current state does nothing. The item is so giga useless to buy but Singed has no other options. Increase the burn % so my poison actually feels impactful. He NEEDS % max HP damage to scale into mid-late game but this item provides so little of it that it’s laughable.

Recreate Old Liandry’s: Bit of a ham-fisted solution but the loss of this item hurt Singed so much in terms of his relevance and individual agency. It is so much harder now to make poison trail feel impactful. Singed mains used to joke about enemies waltzing through poison trail like it’s Febreeze but in Season 11 it actually feels like this more often than not. Giving us back Old Liandrys with a different name as a mythic item would be nice. Numbers can always be adjusted if it proves to be OP, but compared to some S11 mythics I think it would be fine.

-Create new mythics and legendaries that make sense with Singed: AP bruisers need high AP, high HP, and percentage damages to be relevant (Base AP and AP scaling do not exist outside of runes/items). This is why the old Liandry’s was so perfect for Singed. The item was basically the trinity force of AP Bruisers. It gave us a bit of every stat we wanted with a great passive, and when you spent more gold to enhance the passive, allowed for some scaling into late-game. Think about AD bruisers and how their kits and items give them awesome synergistic effects and stats while still providing tons of hp through items. Singed used to have an awesome 2 item combo that provided this (Old Rylais + Old Liandry’s) but has been robbed of this in Season 11.

-Create Good AP legendaries in general: Not just Singed, but mages as well have been having complaints about poor AP itemization in general this season. It seems like AD itemization was super fleshed out and theorycrafted. Meanwhile AP itemization feels really uninspired and uncreative, as well as weak in comparison.

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