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Singed only needs a simple, tiny buff to be fine again

LeagueofLegends2 - Singed only needs a simple, tiny buff to be fine again

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For those who don't know, I am Minishcap1, multiseason challenger Singed one trick who has mained the champion for almost 8 years as of 2021.

build?patch=10 24 - Singed only needs a simple, tiny buff to be fine again

According to u.gg, 10.24 Singed had a 47.75% winrate. This is a steep drop from Singed hovering around 51.5% to 52% winrate for almost all of Season 10 and most of Season 9.

My thoughts on Singed currently and how to help him:

The thing to note about singed is that he is very low skill floor (mechanically) but very high skill ceiling. There is a LOT of depth to his kit, the way you spread poison, whether you go for goo fling or save W to block dashes, proper repositioning of enemy champs with fling, proper charging of the passive to get in range, knowing how to approach each matchup in lane or proxy (the best singed players have to know how to lane and proxy both. Not being able to do both is only playing half of a champ.)

So in essence you have to know how to get through really difficult laning phases vs hard matchups, but you also have to know how to use proxying to push any advantage that you might somehow get – but if you die to a coordinated enemy gank enemy top gets ahead and you sacrifice a lot. It's a high risk high reward playstyle that has a lot of macro skill involved as well as some micro involved in outplaying ganks. Just because a champion's kit is simple doesn't mean that the champ doesn't take skill, as evidenced by
Riot's own mastery curve ratings, where Singed is among the highest mastery curves in the entire game.

The issues Singed currently faces:

  • He really needs one small IMO to be fixed: a scaling HP buff. Singed has a lower base HP at level 18 than almost every single ADC and most assassins and mages in the game. Why is this a problem now?


  • Singed S10 used to build Rylais + Liandrys combo @ 5700g for 600 hp. After this he would build DMP + morello + Visage or Abyssal. This gave him 1875 to 1825 bonus hp for 14.4k to 14.5k gold, not including boots.
  • Now Singed spends 3K gold for Demonic + Rylais, for 700 hp. Then he buys Mythic (either 150HP riftmaker or 0 hp Liandrys) for 3200 or 3400, DMP @ 2900g for 475 hp, FoN @ 2900g for 350hp, or Morello @ 2500g for 250hp.
  • Singed Season 11 Hp bonus at full build ranges from 1675 hp @ 15K gold on the high end buying riftmaker + FoN, or 1425 hp @ 14.8k gold going Liandrys + Morello. This isn't even including if you have to replace DMP for Zhonya's because the enemy team comp has Camille or Fiora, which it does almost every single game in high elo.
  • You can also mix/match FoN/morello/Zhonyas with each other but there is no situation in which Singed gets comparable HP value to his old builds for decent gold cost.


  • Singed is now paying more gold per health, while getting less health, than before, with less resistances on his tank items overall, in an extremely burst/high damage oriented meta. I think that Singed is stronger at 6 items now, but games almost never go 6 items. Most games are decided around 1-2 items, where Singed's power spike has been made weaker due to the item changes. He needs small scaling HP buffs so he doesn't get one shot at the start of every single fight. Around 10 to 15 extra hp per level honestly would be enough to push him to positive winrate again, IMO, which is a really minor buff.

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