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Skarner buffs are highly appreciated and needed, but I’m worried his current changes may do more harm than good.

LeagueofLegends2 - Skarner buffs are highly appreciated and needed, but I'm worried his current changes may do more harm than good.

Skarner is finally getting some much needed love after consistently being one of the least-played and least-known champions for a fair while. Riot is tweaking some parts of his kit to make him more relevant against tankier opponents – but like with the Swain changes, some of his proposed tweaks seem to alter his kit in (possibly unintended) ways that ultimately hurt him.

I'll start with the Q changes, since that's the main area that they've changed.

Damage changed from to

This is the change that is supposed to make him more relevant against tanks. Unfortunately, this comes at the cost of being less effective against squishier targets. I think this change goes in the right direction, but Riot hit the base damage too hard so that a) Skarner's early game is even worse than it was before (which was already bad), and b) His early clear speed is also slower.

TL;DR: Ability good. Numbers not good.

Additional damage changed from to

This change is related to the first one, and it brings something to my attention that worries me: these changes killing Skarner's diverse build options. As of right now, Skarner can viably build almost any item you can think of, whether it's AP, AD or tank. The proposed changes seem to favour taking power from Skarner's AD and AP builds (as the above change removes the AP scaling and hits the AD scaling on Q), and favours putting it into his subjectively more boring tank playstyle. I'm personally a big fan of the Triforce Bruiser Skarner playstyle and I'd hate to have to resort to building tank just because it's the only viable playstyle left.

TL;DR rito me no like ult bot Skarner gibe AP ratio plz

additional damage cooldown time increased from 4 to 5

Can't say this will make a huge difference to anything, but it's a nice change.

mana cost increased from 10/11/12/13/14 to 15 at all ranks

riot cmon man leave the early game alone, it's already dog

The only other change here is with the E, which is just a nice buff.

Missile no longer loses travel speed after hitting enemies

Unfortunately I will need to undo 2 years of muscle memory.

That covers the changes they did do. Now I want to cover the changes they didn't do which I feel would be a lot more appreciated. I won't mention spires here because that's literally a whole other debate by itself, nobody likes the spires so fuck em


Crystalline Exoskeleton

Skarner's W is a terrible ability. It is a shield ability that is more useful for mobility than it is for actual combat. It scales off between 10-14% of his Maximum Health and has a fat 80% AP ratio on a 13-11 cooldown. So basically the only way to actually make it a good shield is to get some AP under your belt. Other than spires, this is Skarner's only form of mobility. Combining it with spires, scuttle boosts, and Cloud Drake zones makes scorpion go brrr but its barely useful enough to block jungle camp damage and half the time does absolutely nothing to save you. The bonus movement speed is also crap and because you always max this last (don't @ me Skarner W maxers, you're wrong), what would be a half-decent gank tool is left utterly useful with a pathetic 8-16% movement speed boost.

Suggestions: – Give a bit of tenacity on his shield while it holds. Only two champs have tenacity in their kits (Mundo and Garen), and Skarner struggles a lot to close the gap with his lack of mobility (like the aforementioned two champs, whose tenacity helps them with that).

  • AP Skarner

  • Increase the shield size.

  • AP Skarner

  • Remove the speed ramp-up, and just make it a flat boost.

  • AP

  • Skarner


Welcome to the main reason why Skarner isn't deleted from the game entirely. Unfortunately Skarner's ult needs some serious love because what should be a reliable CC lockdown / peeling tool is rendered useless by most of the roster. Most of which is unintended.

Skarner's ult has a small cast time. If vision on the target is lost or if the target dashes away during this time, Skarner will still play his ult voice line, will still proc effects such as Aftershock, and the ability will still go on cooldown. Despite all of what I just said, Skarner's target gets away scot-free and proceeds to oneshot your ADC. This is quite the issue in today's League when a good chunk of the roster boasts some form of on-demand mobility, and we've seen before how bugfixes on champions such as Warwick or Kled can boost their winrates by a noticeable amount.

I don't know how to end this post so #buffskarner

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