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Skarner: E (the slowing skillshot) doesn’t slow down for each unit hit, can we discuss fixing other obsolete parts of his kit?

LeagueofLegends10 - Skarner: E (the slowing skillshot) doesn't slow down for each unit hit, can we discuss fixing other obsolete parts of his kit?

Intro: Hi! Previously E projectile would slow down for every unit hit. The mechanic made no sense in 2020, because of mobility and cc creep preventing skarner to simply reach the enemy carries.

So the self slow got removed.

The change was really welcomed, and made the champion to feel smoother and thus enjoyable.

So here are some more stuff in his kit that might use the same treatment, thus making Skarner a more enjoyable and up to date champion:

Either remove the ramp up ms boost on his shield (W), or have skarner to keep the ms boost after the shield breaks, if it successfully ramps up.


Nowadays mobility and cc are allover, and both hitting his skillshot and using the ramping ms boost on his shield to close on targets is not as reliable to Skarner as it maybe was in 2015. Add that the shield scales kinda poorly, and in late game it reaches around 600hp, and takes about two autos to break it, and so to negate skarner's ms boost. And for a champion that literally has to walk up to you, it can be pretty harsh. No other champion has such a limitation, so above there are the possible solutions.

On the second option, the ramp up might be decreased to 2 seconds, to benefit of the bonus a bit longer.

– Spires shouldn't give vision to the enemies if they capture them.


For context: if the enemies cap the spire, they get the same gold and vision (1.5s for the spire radius) bonuses as if skarner captured it. the spire can't be recapped for 15 seconds

I don't care much about the 15-10 gold, but:

– the enemies already get rewarded by negating thousands of gold worth of stats to Skarner for at least the next 15 seconds, i don't see why they should also get vision, it being so valuable. Spires are Skarner's, and no passive rewards the enemy that much for denying it: i don't see the enemy killing Kindred's bounties getting any more benefits than negating the bonuses to Kindred, for example.

– with his early dueling toned down, it's not as capital to know his location if he'd be counterjungling.

– E proc should include sheen proc, and convert all the damage into magic.

For context: E – Fracture marks every champ hit.

This might solve a long occurring bug: when Sheen/ tf/ ibg/ lich bane procs are enough to kill whatever unit outside the spires, sheen proc gets applied, but not the E proc, so Skarner won't get any bonuses (attk spd/ movespeed, cooldown refund, mana regen, stun) despite playing the same E proc aa animation.


Magic damage conversion is there to skarner as a mixed damage dealer.

Thank you for sticking by, let me know what do you think, peace!

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