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SKT post G2 vs SKT interview

LeagueofLegends12 - SKT post G2 vs SKT interview

(To kkOma) What did you learn from today’s loss?

kkOma: We went up to Game 5, and every game was close and fierce. Looking back at all the games, regrets are that I think ‘how would have it been if we were able to maintain our concentration until the end, longer than the opponents’. With today’s match, there’s something both the players and I felt. In the next competition, if we’re able to improve our mistakes today, it would go better. Although we did lose, I hope everybody learned something.

What was the most regretful moment?

kkOma: Today, we fought a lot, and we caught up through fights even in unfavorable situations. Since there were several mistakes, I think it’s too hard to pick one regretful moment. I would say the whole flow was the most regretful. Personally, I regret not being able to say good things, words to help players maintain their concentration during feedback.

Did you predict the top Pyke, Bot Syndra picks?

kkOma: They’re all picks that have appeared before. We even predicted picks that haven’t come out. Those picks were predicted, and we even discussed how we would deal with them in-game.

(To Faker) How would you evaluate the team’s MSI journey this year?

Faker: For today, our performance wasn’t as good as we thought. There wouldn’t be one reason; it could have been better if everyone did a bit better.

(To Clid, Teddy) How do you feel finishing your first international competition?


Clid: It’s my first international competition, and it’s really regretful that we were eliminated in the semifinals. But through this experience, I think I can become better in the future.

Teddy: I wasn’t nervous at all, but I think the whole team lacked concentration. It was my first international competition; if we did better, we would have gone to the finals. But we lost because we didn’t do well, so I don’t feel too good.

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(To Khan) It’s your second straight MSI. You met many different top laners and champions. What do you think you lacked the most?

Khan: The reason I was able to come to this competition two years straight was that all my teammates were good. This time, the top champions were quite similar. As for unique picks, I don’t remember anything but Pyke. I did think a lot because EU had many unique picks, but it’s regretful that I wasn’t able to think more about the plays.

(To Faker) Do you think LCK will be able to reclaim the reputation as the best league in the world?

Faker: Although we lost 2-3 this time, there's still Rift Rivals and the World Championship left. Through this loss, if we work hard, I think we'll be able to get back to the top.

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