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Smurfing in Clash has gotten bad as I experienced today

LeagueofLegends6 - Smurfing in Clash has gotten bad as I experienced today

Sorry for the English, no native speaker here.

First of all, let me say I think Clash is the best thing Riot has done in years. I love it and I absolutely look forward to every Clash with my friends.

We are a group of players that play on a low silver to high Gold Level. Needless to say, we have never won a Clash Trophy. Nevertheless we always managed to win a game or two and the ones we lost were close atleast.

That didnt matter because the fun was to do the prep, the pick and bans and work as a team like you never do in Flex Q.

Sadly this has changed the last two times we played. In November we won our first game and lost Game Two to a lineup that had three players in it that won a Tier III Clash. WON a TIER THREE Clash. We havent even won a Tier IV Clash yet. We put that one up to matchmaking and took the loss in good fun.

Fast forward to this week. We had 2 Teams this time, 5 mutual friends of ours applied as well. We tried to lock in as early as possible to maybe get the same bracket, we didnt. No big deal.

Then we get our first enemy. They have 2 bronze players and one iron player. Each of those players had 100% Winrate on each champion they played in ranked. 4 of the 5 guys played Clash together before, with a winrate of like 27 to 2. The 5th guy was Platinum.

We got our ass kicked as never before. Laning phase went okay, but on the 3rd drake we got completely smashed and lost the game in 4 minutes straight. They just rolled over us like a train. It completely took the fun out if it. Because we knew going into the game that we would loose, got hope in lane and then got smashed. Because, of course, they are smurfs.

Confronting them they said "What? I AM IRON!"

2nd game was kind of close, we lost, but it was evenly matched.


The 3rd match, again, had a smurf player. Platinum 2, completely smashed us with his Corki, also had won a Tier 3 Clash previously.

Which means, and this is the crazy part:

Our bracket was so full of smurf- Teams, that the Team that had a Tier III Clash winning Midlaner and otherwise solide upper Gold Members, rocking a 80% Clash Winrate, LOST THE FIRST TWO GAMES!

The first team we played lost the final, which means the team there was also smurfing, and our friends informed us that they played against a smurf team in the 1st round, too.

What I think is happening here is the following: Tier I / Tier II teams make smurf accounts and stomp us noobs as practice before their lock in window starts.

Because this was the only time we locked in right at the start and it was that bad.

I want to stress that we dont have a problem with loosing. Like I said, we never won a clash and just enjoyed the close tournament games.
But this afternoon broke us. We had no fun at all, were angry the whole time and seriously questioned if we wanna play Clash in the future at all. And if it goes on like this, we surely wont. Also I wanna stress that this is a 100% sure call on the smurfing. All their accounts had only done the placement games and always won 9- 10 games of placements.

I think Riot has to invent some way at solving this issue in the future. One fix right now could be to prevent Accounts that already entered a Tier III Clash from ever entering a Tier IV Clash. That would make it a little bit more even, but the smurfing issue still stands.

Sorry for the long post, I am interested if we had very bad luck or if this happens to some of you in Tier IV as well.

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