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Smurfs ruin the game.

LeagueofLegends13 - Smurfs ruin the game.

Edited for clarifying shit because I wrote this while tilted and tired. Italics for where I clarified/added on.

Also it is a somewhat misleading title. and can people read the fucking thing before commenting.

Smurfs ruin the game (in lower elos) because they create an unfair balance, do not contribute to the overall game in a positive way and they discourage new players from joining.

Players are meant to be playing in a relatively equal playing field. That is the whole point of the ranked system. As much shit as it gets the ranked system it works OK. According to comments the old system made it easier for smurfs to pass through than it is now. The smurfs simply dominate and it's not fun for anyone except maybe the smurf. The whole ranking system is useless if there are smurfs. Below is the game that I recently played. The graph is from
u - Smurfs ruin the game.

u.gg and it shows carry scores. Guess who the smurf was? Yeah I wish it was me it was the LeBlanc. She got to the point where you saw her then your screen turned grey.

ecg15e6baum21 - Smurfs ruin the game.

fuck you LB

Smurfs do not contribute to the game positively. At all. It's a problem. It's similar to having a fed yas or a successful inting sion on the other team. It's unstoppable. It just becomes a game you wait until you ff at 20. I hate that. I play games to have fun. I also play competitively because I want to be better but I also have a massive ego that needs tending. When smurfs are on your team you get bored. You don't see action. Look at the Illaoi. She was dogshit and I kicked her ass in lane. Yet in theory she won. Yeah, it happens when people carry one deadweight. It's not uncommon. But you know what happened? We won every lane except LBs. Just from that she carried the whole game. She ended 25/0. As someone who joined towards the end of S8, this is a major turnoff.

New players suck. I know it. You know it. We all know who they are. New games are hard. It's a fact. And some players try and help them. That's how I got sucked into LoL. I got invited to a discord with a few other people and it was fun. But that doesn't happen to anyone. Games have learning curves and usually within a few nights you can decide if your going to stick to a game or not. If you face smurfs you will feel as if you have gotten nowhere on the learning curve and you end up dropping the game. It's a universal concept in any competitive game. It needs to stop because it's exclusive and a major turnoff in the gaming culture.


Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

tl:dr Smurfing in low elo isn't good because it misses the point of the ranked system, it turns off players and is an unpleasant experience. There should be a system where smurfs have a fast pass so that they don't have to waste timed against low elos.

Everything below this was added after posting.

Some people are ignoring the core problem. I don't think smurfs should not exist. They should not be a low elo. The comments talk about the streamers climbing and comparing to a past system. I'm a relatively new player and I think that smurfs should not linger in low elo. There should be some sort of ez pass or some shit because 1) smurf don't need to waste their time in low elo (T1/Moe) 2) low elo players shouldn't have to deal with them.

Also some people are bringing up smurfs as the reason I can't climb and not sure how that is relevant. My winrate is above 50% and people are missing the point. I'm looking for a solution to smurfing.

For the learning experience argument it is valid that you can learn from smurfs but I'm looking for a way for them not to be playing in a elo they don't belong to. No shit sherlock I can learn how to lane from a diamond smurf but I shouldn't be playing with a diamond smurf in silver.

There is no point in bringing up ranks and stats just try and contribute to a solution.

Possible solution(s):

  1. Bringing back the older system.
    LongSwordsForLIife - Smurfs ruin the game.
    u/LongSwordsForLIife mentioned that it filtered out smurfs faster which is good, because players like T1/Moe should not be spending 20+ games to just get out of silver.
  2. Have a banner or border that is always there. Maybe a black flag saying "I'm a smurf you can ff at 15 don't waste my time"
  3. Filter out smurfs so that low elo games are more enjoyable. People get turned off quick by facing smurfs.

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