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So, I just found out I’m the No1 ARAM player on the server.

LeagueofLegends12 - So, I just found out I'm the No1 ARAM player on the server.

I am posting this here since my IRL friends don't play LOL and I want to share it somewhere.

So, I got a decent amount of random friend requests lately, and thought they are bots.

I asked how do they know me, and the answer was: You are the No1 player on the server for ARAM. – Wut?

Went to the sites, where I checked maybe once or twice a year if I am still on the list here (or what's my MMR), but I totally forgot about it, and didn't check for a while.

ARAM ladder –
eune - So, I just found out I'm the No1 ARAM player on the server.



Whatsmymmr tells me the same, so it must be true – https://eune.whatismymmr.com/General%20Xandred


I was previously around 3k MMR on EUW as well, and held top 50-100 for the majority of my time there, before i transferred my acc back to EUNE a year ago. Now I know why I have 15+ minute queues.

EUW is more stacked, I have to be honest. This was a genuine surprise to me, as I was never No1 on the whole server in any game or game mode.

EDIT: Placing here the frequent questions/answers, also thanks to everyone:

Q: Do you have any tips for ARAM?

A: Yes of course, these will be tips and what makes me stand out.

  1. Positive attitude – Every game is winnable, especially I won't surrender an aram because I play for fun. I witnessed many throws and won 4v5s (even 3v5s). Generally if I see they are not better with 1 less player, it even brings more joy if I win.
  2. Know your role – For example, if I play a carry, enemy has a Malphite and my team tends to stand close to each other, i will stand more to the other side, to not get hard engaged. Or if I play tanks, what are my key carries to protect, can I zone the opponent carry, do I engage first, or let them engage and go for the counter-engage. (This often makes the enemy carries get confused and you auto win the fight if your carries know what to do)
  3. Make sure you have damage diversity (almost forgot) – For example, i hate to play AP Kai'sa because it's lame, so if I see 3 AP carries and 1 tank on my team, I won't go AP Kai'sa.
  4. In lategame, when only inhibs are up/nexus turrets, make sure you reset with the team, either die with them, or back off. Let's say 4 of your teammates die, you just walk back up all the way to the nexus turrets, give one up if needed, just DON'T DIE trying to randomly poke someone for 200 dmg. They will flash on you, kill you, and your team will fight 4v5.
  5. Feed the poros 🙂

Q: How many ARAM games you played? What's the win/loss?

A: First of all, this is my main and oldest account (10yo) – Games – roughly 6,5k games, around 3,5 wins, and always in 250-300+ in wins.

Q: What's your rank? Do you play only ARAM?

A: Rank is Gold 1 66% winrate, I don't play ranked, because it's mentally taxing, takes out the joy of the game, and I have better opponents in normal SR draft modes. I play ARAM and SR draft mostly, bit transferred to TFT for a while until I get back to my home setup.

Q: How many champs do you own?

A: Guess

Q: Favorite champs to play on ARAM?

A: My top 5: Pyke, Thresh, Neeko, Nida, Xayah.

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