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So I made my sister some Spirit Blossom shoes for Christmas

LeagueofLegends6 - So I made my sister some Spirit Blossom shoes for Christmas

Now obviously I didn't make the shoes, they are Nike Air Force 1 '07's but, I did everything from drawing the designs to mixing the colors. Below are the steps I took to make them for her if anyone is interested! I also do custom work.


Below is the splash art for Spirit Blossom Yasuo, my inspiration for this project.

image via https://www.riotgames.com/en

The first step was drawing out the designs for the shoes. The mint green pattern was inspired by the energy wrapping around Yasuo's right arm while the bubblegum pink pattern was inspired by the spirit blossoms themselves. I used tracing film to trace the panels on the shoes and transferred those to paper so I could draw the designs on paper rather than the shoe itself.


The next step was mixing the colors. This step alone took hours but I wanted to make sure they were absolutely perfect. This is two pages of about a dozen.


Once I had the colors down and the patterns ready it was time to prep the shoes. I masked off the soles and the tongues to keep them as white as possible. I planned on leaving the swoosh and inner mesh white but decided it was better to avoid those areas by hand rather than trust the tape (which wouldn't stick to the mesh properly and would have bled). I used acetone to strip the factory finish off and they were ready for paint.


First I painted the lighter layers all over the shoes including a layer or two in the areas that would be darker later (this helps the darker layers look more even in the end).


Once the lighter shades were finished I painted the patterns as well as the heel and lace sections with the darker shades.




Below is a closeup of the detail. Like I mentioned above I wasn't able to tape off the mesh inner so I had to take a tiny flat brush and go under it by hand very very carefully. It was also very important to me that the fibers in the stitching and the dimples in the leather showed through the paint. I wanted these shoes to look as close to from the factory as possible. To achieve this I painted extremely thin layers.

the edges on the swoosh were cleaned up later btw

Once the paint was dry and the tape was off I went around to fix any mistakes. I had to scrape and repaint much of the edge where the sole meets the leather to get the edges as clean as possible. The final step was refinishing. I used Angelus brand Matte Acrylic finisher to give it that factory shine and protect the paint and leather.


When the finisher was fully dried it was finally time to lace them up. What my sister wanted originally was a pair of all white shoes so I wanted to preserve as much of that fresh, clean white as possible while still making her something unique and different. Below are a couple more angles of the finished product. Hope you enjoy!




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