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Some information for fans planning to visit Athens for LEC finals.

LeagueofLegends11 - Some information for fans planning to visit Athens for LEC finals.

Hello everybody. I'm from Athens and I'd like to give you some advice on what to do and what to expect for your visit for the LEC finals.

I'd like to let you know from the beginning that Greece is VERY hot in the summer. Not only it's very hot but it's very crowded as well, so be prepared with lots of cold Water.

We have 1 airport in Athens, where you will arrive and there are 2 options to reach the city. There is the blue metro line which goes directly to the city center (Syntagma, Monastiraki, Ampelokipi) which departs every 30' and the ticket is 10 euros. It will take approximately 45 minutes to get to the center.

The other option is the bus. However they are insanely crowded and takes longer times because of traffic. However if you plan to stay on Pireus you can hop on the X96 bus from the airport for 6 euros. It will take about 1hour20minutes to reach Pireus.

What to do in Athens besides the event.

Athens is an insiders city, and although i strongly suggest you spend a morning to view the ancient heritage in the Parthenon etc, I would advise you to stay away from the center for the following reasons.

-Very crowded -Expensive. -Unsafe (mostly during the night)

There is a very good chance you will get robbed or assaulted as a tourist in places with no people after night falls but take into account that even in the metro stealing is very common, so carry your belongings safe and mind them (Metro announcer will also tell you that)

-Stay away from Plaka and Thisio if you want to eat or have a coffee. Although you can visit because it's very beautiful, the quality is not that good and it's full of tourist traps.

I strongly suggest you visit or stay in the suburbs. Glyfada is a place you have to visit. The whole "Paraliaki" area is the part of Athens near the sea and you can find amazing spots to enjoy coffee and food in reasonable prices while being near the sea. Piraeus (where i live) is also quite nice and cheap. If are around this area I suggest you visit "Marina Zeas" area or "Mikrolimano" for nice food and coffee.


Athens is also very well known for its nightlife. If you want to party with the lads, there are lots of clubs. There is the "Gkazi" area which is mostly active during the winter but still has some cool clubs with rooftop parties, although I would still suggest "Paraliaki" for your night entertainment. Lohan is a very well known club with Rnb/House only music that attracts lot of people. – Take into account that access on the club might be hard and there is a high chance you are denied. You can plan beforehand and make a call the day before to arrange it, so you have to know what to expect.

Pricing in Athens.

Souvlaki – 2.5 euros (Don't eat at the monastiraki or Plaka, quality is a lot worse than else where and it's more expensive.

Water – 0,5Lt is 0.5 euros.

1 drink. – 9 euros.

Metro ticket – 1.4 euros for 90 minute.

Coffee – 4 euros / 1 euro takeaway.

Complete meal for 2 in a restaurant without wine – About 25 euros.

Mc Donalds. – Chicken Burger 2 euros.

Noodles – About 7 euros.

Sushi for 2 – About 17 euros.

Good side trips close to Athens (1-2hours) to spend a day or two in a relaxing place with nice beaches

Aegina. Chalkida. Angkistri Spetses.

General things to know.

Buses can be a it late or a bit early so if you want to go somewhere with a bus, be a bit earlier in your stop.

There is no Uber services in Greece so you will have to use a taxi. Taxi drivers will usually try to rip you off so try to arrange taxi rides with your Hotel if possible.

People are very friendly.

Athens is an English speaking city. You will always be able to find help or information.

Drivers in Greece are Rekkles (see what I did there) so you have to be careful even when crossing the road with a green light.

I wish you all a good time. If you have any specific question I will try to answer in the comments because there are a LOT to say about Athens that you might wanna know.

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