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Some league ults but literally (part 1)

LeagueofLegends8 - Some league ults but literally (part 1)

Aatrox decides to assume his true form

Ahri dashes forward

Akali headbutts you so hard it deals magic damage

Alistar becomes nearly invulnerable for a few seconds, then decides not to

Amumu suddenly stuns and imprisons everyone around him, then lets them go as he cries helplessly

Anivia creates a hailstorm to freeze her enemies inside it to death, then decides not to

Annie summons a huge flaming teddy bear she had it with her all along

Ashe fires an arrow literally bigger than herself but decides to not do it again

Aurelion Sol pukes and it looks kinda pretty

Azir decides to pull more sand soldiers out of his ass

Bard stuns his teammates so their enemies can escape in peace

Blitzcrank puts a fork into one of his sockets

Brand hurls a ball of ricocheting flame into his enemies that defies all laws of physics

Braum somersaults into the ground for astonishing results, then decides not to do it again

Caitlyn tries to recreate an interesting turn of events in U.S politics

Camille is not trapped here with you. You're trapped in here with her.

Cassiopeia finds out she can scream so hard it turns people into stone, but doesn't do it again

Cho'Gath eats

Corki gets the very bright idea to shoot bigger rounds, then keeps shooting bigger rounds. Good thinking Corki. League ethiquette. Super simple stuff.

Darius realizes nobody can resist a two-handed axe blow into their face

Diana uses the divine power of the moon to headbutt. Twice.

Dr. Mundo refuses to die

Draven puts the beyblade anime to shame

Ekko hits Ctrl+Z

Elise transforms into my ex

Ezreal fires a large ass magic bolt with infinite range out of his wrist, but doesn't do it again

Fiddlesticks shows us why a group of crows is called a 'murder'

Galio meddles into other people's business

Orianna forces a group hug

Fizz throws a homing shark-pedo which deals huge damage and tilts his victim

Gankplank shoots the air. The air shoots back.

Garen deals damage to the enemy champion based on how injuried they are because he is the embodiment of honor itself

Gnar pushes the enemy against the wall

Gragas wastes a huge barrel of booze

Graves shoots a physically impossible shell out of his shotgun

Hecarim and his ghost buddies move really fast for a second

Heimerdinger consumes a pack of Mentats

Irelia drops her razors

Ivern summons his butch gf to fuck shit up

Janna blows everyone away

Jarvan IV releases a bad WoW expansion

Jax is tougher for a few seconds

Jayce changes how he holds his weapon

Jhin puts his rifle together only to fire four shots before dissassembling it

Jinx somehow fires a giant rocket that she had with herself until now, then never does it again

Kai'sa requests to speak with your manager

Kalista decides to beat a motherfucker with another motherfucker

Karma decides to cast a more powerful spell than usual, then doesn't

Karthus deals damage to all his enemies, then decides not to anymore and just spams spirit-grenades on slave soldiers

Kassadin literally rips apart the fabric of space-time through extremely dangerous eldritch magic only to move himself five feet away


Katarina decides to actually focus for once to incredible results, but then decides to never do it again

Kayle has the power to make an ally invulnerable, but she only does it for a few seconds every time

Kha'Zix actually makes everyone else blink for a full second simultaneosly

Kayn sexually assaults the enemy champion

Kennen baffles meteorologists worldwide

Kindred, the literal embodiment of death doesn't let anyone die for a few seconds, then heals them

Kled snorts some coke, mounts a lizard and charges into the enemy team

Kog'Maw pukes even further

LeBlanc casts one of her spells, but like, in a different color, man.

Lee Sin kicks you further into your own team

Leona calls down a radiant sunlight which stuns her enemies caught inside it

Lissandra traps herself in ice as her enemies walk away

Lucian discovers he can fire his pistols faster than usual, then stops because his fingers are very delicate

Lulu enlarges a teammate so they can stay alive longer, but then she takes that away

Lux fires a huge beam of light to try and hit someone few feet away, misses, and dies

Malphite knocks you up

Malzahar stares at you so hard you freeze

Maokai demonstrates the importance of good fertilizer

Master Yi remembers he left the stove open

Miss Fortune somehow shoots a wawe of bullets from two flintlocks

Mordekaiser curses an enemy champion while laughing, but it doesn't do much

Morgana pulls everyone down

Nami sends a huge crashing wawe so everyone can surf on it and have fun, but no other champion knows how to surf in league and that makes her sad

Nasus grows larger than usual to the point literal insects crawl all over him and mom calls me lazy

Nautilus discovers what he can do if he slams his anchor to the ground, then just keeps slapping people with it

Neeko deals more damage than she should

Nidalee becomes one with her inner pussy

Nocturne actually has to time his dashes with solar eclipses. It's his biggest secret.

Nunu stands in the middle of a bush waiting for the perfect opportunity, but it never comes

Olaf gets angrier than usual

Orianna forces a group hug

Ornn summons a ram then rams that ram

Pantheon launches himself into air and crash lands into where the enemy team used to be five seconds ago

Poppy swings her hammer and hits the ground, creating a shockwave that sends her enemies off flying with a sliver of hp

Pyke steals your kill

Quinn uses her bird as a mount, but the idea of shooting from the back of her bird never occurs to her

Rakan demonstrates the irresistible musk and arome of Axe body spray

Rammus gently shakes the enemy champions

Rek'Sai jumps an idiot

Renekton kills you for believing you could duel him at 6

Rengar decides that your carry has lived long enough

Riven pulls her sword together for a few seconds only for it to break again

Rumble napalms a mountainous forest-region and suffers no repercussions

Ryze opens a portal which his teammates run away from

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