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Some more specific information on Lillia’s gameplay from Riot Maxw3ll

LeagueofLegends9 - Some more specific information on Lillia's gameplay from Riot Maxw3ll


, Riot Maxw3ll showed up in the Reddit thread for Lillia's dev post to offer some early information about her gameplay. I'm concerned about it remaining buried in that thread, especially because I think a lot of it assuages people's concerns about her simplicity. So, to summarize and compile the information he gave:
  • Lilia's core mechanic is her Q movement speed buff. She's meant to engage in a "hit and run" playstyle where you're constantly ducking in and out. Source

  • To facilitate this, the movement speed buff stacks on each ability hit, including on minions and monsters. It lasts long enough that she can stack movement speed on a scuttle crab and use it to run to a lane. It only grants one stack per ability cast (you don't get multiple stacks for hitting multiple enemies). Specifically, her Q grants 7-11% (based on level) movement speed per stack for five seconds, stacking up to five times, with stacks falling off one at a time every one second. Source 1 Source 2 Source 3

  • Her Q has a fairly low cooldown of 4 seconds at all ranks. Source 1 Source 2

  • Her pre-6 ganks are lackluster. She's designed to powerfarm to 6 and then gank every time her ult is off cooldown. Maxw3ll agrees with a comparison to Shyvana in this regard. Source 1 Source 2

  • While she's designed to be susceptible to early invades, her Q movement speed should allow her to escape with her life. Source

  • Her ult cooldown at base is 130 seconds. Source

  • Her ult does not have a max distance; it can be used on any champion that has her passive applied on them, wherever they are on the map. Source

  • Her E is a "pretty slow" skillshot, and is difficult to land. The projectile doesn't grant vision around it, but it does reveal champions that it hits. It collides with minions, but has a cone explosion behind it. It has technically infinite range, but detonates on terrain, so can only go really long with specific angles. Source Source 2 Source 3

  • She has technically ranged auto attacks, but they're lower range (325), and she doesn't really play like a ranged character due to needing to get in close for her abilities. Source 1 Source 2

  • Rioters in testing found success building a few AP items and then going into tank itemization. Maxw3ll cites Runic Echoes -> Liandry's Torment -> Dead Man's Plate -> Spirit Visage as a build path. Source

  • The reasoning for tank itemization is that her defenses scale poorly, but she has a strong enough midgame power spike that she shouldn't need more damage. Source

  • She can go top, but is designed as and is assumed to work best as a jungler. This seems to come from a fast clear speed and high mobility with her Q uptime (the specific wording is "she's most powerful when eviscerating camps and using the high uptime movement speed to roam around"). Source

  • She is anticipated to have a more niche playstyle, rather than broad appeal. Source

Hopefully this gives a better understanding of how she actually plays than just a video of her abilities being used once in a vacuum.

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