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Some thoughts regarding LEC, A Splyce narrative

LeagueofLegends8 - Some thoughts regarding LEC, A Splyce narrative

So, I´ve thought about setting up a blog and stuff but since I don´t know if anyone will actually want to read this and I´m a broke 19-year old I decided to just make a Reddit post instead.

Firstly I thought I´d make it clear that this post will not analyze gameplay per se. I´m not high elo but I´ve been following the scene since 2013 and thats the reason I wanted to start writing about it as a passion project or whatever. Instead of game analysis here are 3 narratives I´m sure people have mentioned but that I haven´t seen being talked about much.


First up we have SPLYCE. I started to think about this when I believe I heard Thoorin talk about them on Summoning Insight episode 84. Splyce has been a team since 2015 when they took over EU Dignitas seed into the 2015 EULCS. From the beginning, Kobe has been a part of Splyce and has naturally become the cornerstone of the roster, not always the star but much like Rekkles a silent (or sometimes not so silent) constant in the teams' roster. After being frankly awful and finishing 7th only ahead of the dumpster fire that was Elements they signed Mikyx among others and qualified for the 2016 world championship. Now to jump to today Splyce has been a part of the European scene since then but has never actually been very noticed by fans or analysts. They have a slow sometimes boring playstyle but that´s not the only reason. Where teams like UOL are still loved by European fans to this day Splyce has in spite of their relative successes never managed to build a following among European fans. Sure there are some people but the brand has been so bland there has never been any incentive to cheer for them. As someone who loved and cheered for EG at the start where Froggen had the personality of a rock and the rest was largely invincible (except for Krepo ofcourse) I feel some sympathy for the org. These last couple of weeks has changed that however. Noone cared about SPLY in 2016 but the blessing that is group B has given Splyce an identity people can cheer for. The constant underdog. Splyce beating FPX and going second in groups bared with the memes around SNEK can truly change their identity. Splyce players have always whined about the narratives around them and whined about Splyce being disregarded, however, when you´re now not an underdog of G2 and FNC but in regards to international play, people start to care. Splyce doesn´t have to beat SKT to keep this underdog identity alive but if they put up a fight and make people cheer for the SNEK they can (after 4 years in the league) become something more than the team everyone else hates (or worse, doesn´t care about).

I have other thoughts regarding both Fnatic and G2, if anyone is interested in hearing those as well I´d be happy to write more. Feedback or thoughts are very welcome and I´d be happy to discuss/go more in-depth in the comments

/vLake 🙂

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