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Speculation: The iceboxed VGU was Kog’Maw.

LeagueofLegends1 - Speculation: The iceboxed VGU was Kog'Maw.

tl;dr: Kog'Maw is arguably in a worse state than other candidates such as Tryndamere, and he wasn't on the VGU poll. He's hardly picked in SoloQ even when he's good, he's a balancing nightmare, his visuals are outdated, he has no place in the lore at the moment, and I'd argue that there's definitely room for improvement in refining his thematic as the ultimate immobile hypercarry. Corki is similar, but at least he gets played more often.

First, let's reflect on the champions present in the 2nd VGU poll: Nocturne, Quinn, Shyvana, Skarner, and Udyr. When you think of these champions, what comes to mind? Maybe it's a shaky place in the lore, low popularity, outdated visuals, unhealthy gameplay, or simply being thematically underwhelming. Kog'Maw fits several of these categories, and is in arguably an even worse spot than other potential candidates that could have been considered at the time (e.g. Tryndamere, Corki).


Currently, Kog'Maw doesn't exist. The Rageblade changes hit him hard, and there's simply no reason to play Kog when other carries exist (Senna, Kai'Sa, Samira etc.) with way more versatility than him. This is especially concerning when you consider that Lulu is doing quite well without him (not that Lulu can't be good when Kog'Maw is bad, more that when Lulu is good you tend to see Kog'Maw picked with her). Even if Kog'Maw was in a decent spot, his kit is a mess. In my opinion his passive is counter-intuitive, his E is a meme unless you're building AP, and his R is underwhelming until it gets to scary levels of range late-game. On the off chance that Kog is good, it's usually because his AP burst is too high or the meta enables him to do the one thing he does best: Shredding everything in sight while his W is active. Neither of these situations are fun to play against (see Ardent meta), and this combined with outdated visuals and near non-existence in the lore results in a champion that is in desperate need of some love. The only thing holding Kog'Maw back from a VGU is his surprisingly high skin catalogue, but considering that Riot was willing to rework Fiddle I doubt that would play a major factor in the decision process.

So, what about Corki? Corki checks all of these boxes as well, the difference is that Corki has higher presence in pro play and is arguably (again, in my opinion) a healthier spot gameplay-wise. You could probably pick either one, but I'm wagering that Kog'Maw would be selected first since anytime he's good it's a nightmare to deal with, especially in the rare scenario that Juggermaw is meta. I still think it's good to bring up Kog'Maw in this situation though since (from what I could tell) Reddit forgot about Kog'Maw when discussing the iceboxed VGU; the consensus as far as I could tell was Tryndamere or Corki.

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