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Streams to watch Chinese Super Server Games

LeagueofLegends13 - Streams to watch Chinese Super Server Games

Ok with all the misinformation about the super server I'd like to clarify some things. It's hard to spectate super server games because the only way to watch them is to spectate challenger players in that server on your friend's list. So you'd have to, first of all, have an account in the super server, and second of all, have a pro or high Elo players on your friend list. That said here are some of the best streams to watch them.

Currently Known Pro Player Accounts(to Chinese people):
39t2Q5 4ye0K2fT3cSk5 k2 - Streams to watch Chinese Super Server Games


OB Streamers:

Perfect OB: has a few pro players on friends list and is friends with some pro players so he can spectate

wanmei - Streams to watch Chinese Super Server Games


Fatty OB: the other big OB streamer(although apparently he's on break right now because he needs surgery on his teeth)


OB with Commentary

Bun OB: https://www.douyu.com/6551098

Donkey OB: https://www.huya.com/713643

Uncle Star:

Pro Player Streams:

252140 - Streams to watch Chinese Super Server Games


Imp: https://www.douyu.com/522387

Knight(he splits time between kr and cn): https://www.douyu.com/8925265

Yuyuanjia: https://www.douyu.com/19389

High Elo streamers( who ive asked around and people have told they have a lot of pros in their games)

adKing: https://www.douyu.com/topic/dfwzzbs?rid=7003186


something something god(his name is hard to translate to english):

(big) Brother Snake:
shege - Streams to watch Chinese Super Server Games


Yashali(idk) :
836458 - Streams to watch Chinese Super Server Games


Little Brother: https://www.huya.com/727405


jjking: https://www.douyu.com/topic/dfwzzbs?rid=7180846

Fading Light(something edgy idk but hes highest ranked adc in cn): https://www.douyu.com/topic/dfwzzbs?rid=6356345

Krystal(sorry, kRYST4L):https://www.huya.com/22131877

Colin( I think he was a former trainee/sub at Snake):

Tiger God:
hujiangjun - Streams to watch Chinese Super Server Games


This is mostly high elo streamers and pros who I know stream super server games from what I watch and from asking around. A lot of Chinese pros play on Korean server but I know quite of a few are switching to playing on Chinese server to play with the pros so maybe we'll have more or the western pros just go play Korea. I'll maybe update once I ask around some more and take a look at some streams

edit: a few more

edit 2: To remove the floating words and emotes theres a button at the bottom thats either 弹幕or弹 if you click on it you can disable it

edit 3: to watch on higher quality you need to make an account on the site, lmk if thats something people want and ill make a quick guide

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