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Subreddit Moderation Feedback Thread #14: Worlds, Region Baiting and Context


Hi everyone!

Worlds is over! We want to take this opportunity to congratulate DWG and the LCK on reclaiming their spot at the top. Also shout-out to the LEC for finally succeeding to avoid another 0-3 loss in the Finals!

Anyways, now that we all have the time and the sticky space, here is our Subreddit Moderation Feedback Thread number 14. You can find the last one here.

We did not really change any big rules or policies in the last few months, nonetheless there are some topics we would like to focus on:

  • Temporary rule update: Event-long bans for region baiting offenses during Worlds. Do you think this change helped decrease the amount of region flame and personal attacks during Worlds?

  • And speaking of Worlds, how did we handle this busy time in general?

  • To give some context to our rules, we compiled additional information to our rules such as background, rationale and enforcement here. It's also linked in our rules under Other Notes/Context.

About that last point: After the infamous "Kai'Sa is hot" incident I was so pissed at the mods, that I called them "incompetent", "fucking pathetic" and told them to start using their brains. But somehow I became a mod myself, and being on the other side changed my views.

Now I feel bad when people complain about us, because I know exactly how they feel and I want to do something about it. I believe that the best way for us to gain your trust is complete honesty, and that's why we compiled this document. I know it's a huge wall of text, and of course we don't expect you to read all of it. But hopefully this can help you gain a better understanding of our rules and actions.


What do you think of all that? We're very interested in what you want or expect from us in terms of transparency.

Of course general feedback is welcome too!

Feedback is one thing that can help us moderators know what we are doing well and what we can improve upon. This thread is for you to give any and all feedback to the mod team of leagueoflegends. What do you like about the subreddit? What do you dislike? Any ideas, any improvements, anything at all, feel free to share it here!

In order to generate meaningful feedback, please try to give constructive criticism i.e. provide an idea or solution instead of "I don't like this." Please state clearly which rule/aspect of moderation/the subreddit your post refers to at the start of your comment. We may not reply to every single one here, but we will definitely do our best to look at them all. Please keep all top level comments as feedback, which means if there are memes/jokes, they will be removed.

This thread will last for approximately a week, so be sure to get your word in before it goes!

We're excited to hear from you!

Thanks guys, enjoy the off-season, good luck in reaching your desired rank for this year and, most importantly, stay safe and healthy out there!

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